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Minerals of Britain and Ireland

Geology Guide

By: AG Tindle

616 pages, Col & b/w photos, maps

Terra Publishing

Hardback | Jan 2008 | #176245 | ISBN-13: 9781903544228
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About this book

Minerals of Britain and Ireland is a completely comprehensive treatment of the minerals found in Britain, Ireland and the surrounding islands. Beautifully illustrated throughout with 500 colour and black and white images, the book provides exhaustive coverage of the remarkably wide range of minerals found in this part of the world.By far the largest part of the book is the alphabetical listing of all the minerals described from Britain and Ireland. This includes species, varieties, synonyms, discredited minerals and fraudulent descriptions. The status of each mineral is clearly represented by distinctive formatting. All type localities are also described. The treatment is also enriched with biographical information on all those individuals who have had minerals named after them; it describes all the major mineral collections in national and local museums and university departments; and it summarizes the geological conditions in the major orefields that produced so many of the minerals.

"Minerals of Britain and Ireland" is replete with bibliographical references and it describes many additional discoveries never previously published. Coverage includes all relevant articles from national mineralogical organizations such as the Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland (from 1876) and the Russell Society (from 1982). Journals such as the UK Journal of Mines and Minerals, Mineralogical Record and Mineral Realm are referred to extensively, as are many geological journals with mineralogical content.The last time a book of this type was attempted was 150 years ago, long before modern analytical instrumentation had been developed. Over 900 additional species new to Britain or Ireland have been described since that time.

"Minerals of Britain and Ireland" covers in considerable detail the period 1858 to 2006, with particular emphasis on the last 50 years. In total, over 2200 minerals are listed, including over a thousand confirmed species.This monumental work will be warmly welcomed by the community of mineral collectors, curators, dealers, students and research scientists. Furthermore, archaeologists, environmentalists, mining historians, libraries, national heritage organizations and government agencies will also find much of value in this eagerly anticipated major work.A completely comprehensive treatment of the minerals found in Britain and Ireland, illustrated throughout in colour.


Contents; Preface; Acknowledgements; List of maps and tables; Introduction; THE MINERALS [listed only partially because of limited space]; abhurite, abichit, abriachanite, acadialite, acanthite, acerdSse, achroite, acmite, actinolite, adamite, adelite group, adularia, aegirine, aegirine-augite, aegirite, aenigmatite, aenigmatite group, aerugite, aeschynite- (Y), afwillite; babel-quartz, babingtonite, baddeleyite, baltimorite, balvraidite, banalsite, bannisterite, baotite, barbertonite, barbosalite, baricalcite, bariopyrochlore, barite, barite group, barium-pharmacosiderite, barkevikite, baroselenite, barroisite, barstowite, baryte; cacholong, cacoxenite, cairngorm, calamine, calaverite, calcio-ancylite- (Ce), calciopalygorskite, calciostrontianite, calciovolborthite, calcite, calcite group, calcium-catapleiite, calc-spar, caledonite, calomel, campylite, cancrinite, cancrinite group; dahllite, damourite, danalite, danburite, daphnite, datholite, datolite, davidsonite, dechenite, delafossite, delessite, dellaite, demidoffite, derbyshire spar, descloizite, descloizite group, desmine, devilline, devonite, devonite, deweylite, dewindtite, diabantite; earthy cobalt, eastonite, ecandrewsite, ecdemite, edenite, edingtonite, eggletonite, ehlite, eisenkiesel, eisen-nickelkies, elaeolite, elbaite, electrum, ellonite, elpidite, elyite, embolite, emerald, emerald nickel, emery, emmonite, emplectite, enargite. fahlerz, fairfieldite, fairfieldite group, famatinite, fargite, far" elite, faserkiesel, fassaite, faujasite (series), faujasite (series), faustite, fayalite, feather-alum, feldspar group, felsobanyaite, ferberite, fergusonite- (Y), feroxyhyte, ferri-actinolite*, ferric-nyb" ite; gadolinite group, gadolinite- (Y), gahnite, galactite, galena, galenite, galenobismutite, galmei, ganophyllite, garnet group, garnierite, garronite, gartrellite, gastaldite, gaylussite, gearksutite, gedrite, geerite, gehlenite, geikielite, genkinite, genthelvite; haarkies, haema-ovoid-agate, haematite, haidingerite, halite, halloysite, halotrichite, halotrichite group, ham,, tit, hammarite, harkerite, harmotome, harringtonite, hastingsite, hatterel, hauchecornite, hauchecornite group, haughtonite, hausmannite; ice, iceland spar, idaite, iddingsite, idocrase, igelstr" mite, ikaite, ikunolite, illite (series), ilmenite, ilmenite group, ilmenorutile, ilsemannite, ilvaite, imogolite, indicolite, ndigo copper, ingersonite, ingodite, inverarite, iolite, irarsite, iridium, iridosmine; jacobsite, jade tenace, jahnsite, jalpaite, jamborite, jamesonite, jarosite, jarrowite, jaskolskiite, jasper, jasper opal, jeanbandyite, jelletite, jenaite, jenkinsite, jimthompsonite, johannite, johannsenite, johnsomervilleite, johnstonite, johnstonotite; kaersutite, kahlerite, kainosite- (Y), kakochlor, kalcglimmer, kalinite, kalk, kalkspath, kalk-uranite, kammererite, kampylite, kankite, kaolin, kaolinite, kaolinite-serpentine group, karstenite, kashinite, kasolite, katharite, katophorite, kegelite, keilhauite; labradorite, lady's slipper, laitakarite, lanarkite, langbeinite, langite, lanthanite- (Ce), lapis ollaris, larnite, larsenite, latrobite, laumontite, laurionite, laurite, lautenthalite, lavendulan, lawsonite, lazulite, lazulite group, lead, lead chlorocarbonate, lead glance; macaulayite, mackinawite, macphersonite, maghemite, magnesio-anthophyllite, agnesio-arfvedsonite, magnesiochromite, magnesiocummingtonite, magnesiofoitite, magnesiohastingsite, magnesiohornblende, magnesiokatophorite, magnesioriebeckite. nacrite, nadorite, nagyagite, nailhead spar, nakauriite, namibite, namuwite, nantokite, nasonite, natanite, natrojarosite, natrolite, natromontebrasite, natron, naumannite, necronite, needle iron ore, needlestone, nemalite, neodigenite, neotocite; oakstone, ochre, octahedrite, offretite, okenite, oligoclase, olivenite, olivine group, olsacherite, omphacite, onegite, onyx, onyx stone, oosterboschite, opacite, opal, orangite, orcelite, orpiment, orthite, ortho-antigorite, orthochamosite, orthochrysotile; palagonite, palladium, palladoarsenide, palladseite, palygorskite, pandaite, paolovite, para-alumohydrocalcite, paracelsian, parachrysotile, paracostibite, paragonite, parahilgardite, parahopeite, paralaurionite, paralstonite, paramelaconite, paranatrolite; qitianlingite, quandilite, quartz, quartzine, queitite, quenselite; radiolite, rammelsbergite, ramsbeckite, ramsdellite, rancieite, rankinite, rashleighite, raspite, ratholite, rauenthalite, realgar, rectorite, red copper, red lead, red ochre, red silver, reddle, redgillite, redondite, redruthite, reevesite, reichenbachite, reichite; sadanagaite, safflorite, sagenite, sahlite, sal-ammoniac, saleeite, salite, salmiac, salmonsite, samarskite, sanidine, saponite, sappare, sapphire, sapphirine, sarcite, sard, sardonyx, satin spar, saussurite, scapolite group, scarbroite, scawtite, schalenblende; tacharanite, tachyhydrite, talc, talcite, tallingite, talmessite, tamarite, tamarugite, tameite, tangeite, tantalite, tapiolite, tarnowitzite, tavistockite, talargpalite, tellurbismuth, tellurium, tellurobismuthite, telluropalladinite, tennantite, tenorite, tephorite; ugrandite, uigite, ullmannite, ulv" spinel, umangite, uraconite, uralite, uraninite, uranite, uranophane, uranopilite, uranospathite, uranospinite, uranthorite, urquhartite, uvarovite, uvite, uytenbogaardtite; vaesite, valentinite, valleriite, vanadinite, vandenbrandeite, vandendriesscheite, vanoxite, variolite, variscite, variscite group, varlamoffite, varvicite, vaterite, vauquelinite, veatchite, velvet ore, verbeekite, verdelite, vermiculite, vernadite, verrucite. wad, wairakite, wakefieldite- (Ce), walkerite, walpurgite, wapplerite, waringtonite, washingtonite, water spar, wavellite, waylandite, websterite, weddellite, wehrlite, weilerite, weilite, weissigite, wellsite, wernerite, wheelore, whewellite, white arsenic; xanthiosite, xanthochroite, xanthoconite, xantholite, xanthophyllite, xanthosiderite, xanthoxenite, xenotime- (Y), xonaltite, xonotlite; yarrowite, yellow arsenic, yellow copper or yellowore, yellow ochre, yttrotantalite, yugawaralite; z lesite, zaratite, zavaritskite, zeolite group, zeunerite, zeuxite, zinc, zinc blende, zinc spar, zinckenite, zinkenite, zinnkies, zinnwaldite (series), zippeite, zircon, zirconolite, zirkelite, zoisite, zunyite, zwieselite; Appendix 1 Tables; Appendix 2 Museums; Appendix 3 Abbreviations; Glossary; Bibliography.

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Andrew Tindle joined the Open University in 1976. He was awarded a PhD in 1982 for work on the Loch Doon granite complex, Scotland. He is now Senior Project Officer in the Department of Earth Sciences, where he manages the electron microprobe facility. He has published over 90 scientific papers on a wide range of subjects, including many related to mineralization in Britain and Ireland. He is also the co-author of two geo-analytical reference books.
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