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Bionomics and Identification of Rotylenchus Species

Bionomics and Identification of Rotylenchus Species
Floras / Faunas
Identification Key
P Castillo and N Volvas
316 pages, 148 illus
Paperback | Dec 2005 | #151206 | ISBN: 9004142290
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Comprises 7 sections and presents summarised and specialised information on various aspects of the spiral nematodes belonging to the genus Rotylenchus. Sections 1 and 2 describe the importance of Rotylenchus species in agricultural crops, their distribution and numerous aspects of their biology, feeding habits, pathogenicity to vegetables, fruit and forest trees, and ecology. Section 3 presents different management strategies for the most important and pathogenic species of Rotylenchus, including chemical control, crop rotation, and biological control by means of nematophagous fungi, entomopathogenic nematodes, the hyperparasitic bacteria Pasteuria penetrans, and nematicidal plants. Section 4 and 5 describes the most important morphological characters used in characterising and diagnosing species, as well as a broad discussion on the taxonomy and systematics in Rotylenchus and related genera, including a list of nominal species. Section 6 providses a complete description and measurements of all populations characterised for each species, as well as their world distribution. Finally section 7 includes comprehensive tabular and dichotomous keys for species identification.

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