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Longworth Small Mammal Trap

The best, most humane, catch and release trap for small mammals.
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The Longworth trap is designed to capture small mammals with the minimum of discomfort to the animal. The anti-corrosion aluminium construction keeps the Longworth trap lightweight for field use and it is designed to allow easy access to all parts for cleaning.

The trap consists of two parts: a tunnel which contains the door tripping mechanism, and a nest box, which is attached to the back of the tunnel. The nest box provides a large space for food and bedding material to ensure that the trapped animal is comfortable until release. When in use the nest box is positioned at an upwards angle to the trap tunnel to prevent rain entering the nest box and to provide drainage of urine or condensation. When the trap is not in use the tunnel can be conveniently placed inside the nest box for easy carriage or storage. A Longworth trap with shrew hole is available to allow shrews to escape as they must not be trapped for any length of time. The sensitivity of the tripping mechanism is adjustable.

NB: Some small mammal species are protected by law (e.g. shrews in the UK) and you must obtain a licence from Natural England, Scottish Natural Heritage or the Countryside Council for Wales if you set traps with the intention of trapping any species of shrew. Please ensure you are aware of and meet the requirements of any relevant laws in the country in which you are trapping.

For more information on the Longworth mammal trap, including how to use it and the history of its development, see the NHBS blog.



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* Weight: 300g

* Construction: Corrosion-resistant aluminium

* Size of nest chamber: 14 x 6.5 x 8.5cm

* Total length when set: approx 25cm


Longworth Small Mammal Trap with Shrew Hole

For areas with shrews present, use the Longworth Trap with Shrew Hole

NHBS Price: £57.95 inc VAT £62.99 (Save £5.04) | $96/€73 approx.

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