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Protected Areas and Regional Development in Europe: Towards a New Model for the 21st Century

Edited By: Ingo Mose
250 pages, maps. diagrams
Hardback | Jun 2007 | #166749 | ISBN-13: 9780754648017
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While originally created as reserves for beautiful landscapes and endangered species, protected areas in Europe were subsequently used as a means to preserve whole ecosystems, with restrictions on human activities and impacts. More recently, protected areas are also being considered as instruments for regional development, particularly in marginal regions facing severe economic and socio-cultural problems. Contrary to previous conservation-focused policies, new approaches aim to blend conservation and development functions, making protected areas real 'living landscapes' and integrating activities such as agriculture, forestry, handicrafts, tourism and education with the conservation and sustainability aspects.

The past decade has seen a marked increase in these innovative and dynamic types of protected areas. However, the policies of individual European countries are very varied.

This volume provides a comprehensive overview of the relationship between protected areas and regional development policies, both in theory and practice. Illustrated with a wide range of case studies from across Europe, it compares the different concepts, strategies and instruments being used. In conclusion, it suggests the most innovative and successful ways to use protected areas for regeneration and sustainable regional development.

Foreword, Ingo Mose; Part I Theoretical Background: A new paradigm for protected areas in Europe?, Ingo Mose and Norbert Weixlbaumer; Protected areas and regional development: conflicts and opportunities, Thomas Hammer. Part II Selected Case Studies: Biosphere reserves: an instrument for sustainable regional development? The case of Entlebuch, Switzerland, Thomas Hammer; Can tourism promote regional development in protected areas? Case studies from the biosphere reserves Slovensky Kras and Polna, Slovakia, Birgit Nolte; Nature parks and regional development in Austria: a case study of the nature park Otscher-Tormauer, Christine Gamper, Martin Heintel, Michael Leitner and Norbert Weixlbaumer; Hohe Tauern national park - a model for protected areas in the Alps?, Ingo Mose; Regional development and the French national parks. The case of the Vanoise national park, Isabelle Mauz; Preserving the man made environment: a case study of the Cinque Terre national park, Italy, Stefan Kah; National parks and rural development in Spain, Andreas Voth; Market-driven governance of biodiversity: an analysis of the Muritz national park (Germany) from a marketing perspective, Marcus Liebenath; A future model for protected areas and sustainable tourism development: the new national parks in Scotland, Rory MacLellan; Protected areas and regional development issues in northern peripheries: nature protection, traditional economies and tourism in the Urho Kekkonen national park, Finland, Jarkko Saarinen; The economic potential of regional nature parks in Switzerland: a case study of the planned regional nature parks in the Canton of Berne, Dominik Siegrist, Marco Aufdereggen, Florian Lintzmeyer and Harry Spiess. Part III Synthesis: Protected areas and regional development in Europe: towards a new model for the 21st century, Thomas Hammer, Ingo Mose, Dominik Siegrist and Norbert Weixlbaumer; Index.

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Professor Ingo Mose is Professor in Regional Sciences at The Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Institute of Biology and Environmental Sciences (IBU), Regional Sciences Working Group, Germany

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