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Academic & Professional Books  Insects & other Invertebrates  Insects  Caddis-flies (Trichoptera)

Trichoptera (with Wibu Key) Key to Larvae from Central Europe

By: Wolfgang Lechthaler(Author), Wolfram Stockinger(Author)
5000+ colour photos
Manufacturer: Eutaxa
Trichoptera (with Wibu Key)
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Trichoptera (with Wibu Key)Trichoptera (with Wibu Key)Trichoptera (with Wibu Key)Trichoptera (with Wibu Key)Trichoptera (with Wibu Key)Trichoptera (with Wibu Key)Trichoptera (with Wibu Key)Trichoptera (with Wibu Key)Trichoptera (with Wibu Key)Trichoptera (with Wibu Key)Trichoptera (with Wibu Key)Trichoptera (with Wibu Key)Trichoptera (with Wibu Key)Trichoptera (with Wibu Key)Trichoptera (with Wibu Key)Trichoptera (with Wibu Key)Trichoptera (with Wibu Key)

About this product

Please note: this product includes the Wibu copy protection key and is intended for first-time buyers. If you are purchasing several products only one has to include a Wibu key. If you already have a Wibu key, please purchase the version without the Wibu key. See the series record for more information.

This DVD-ROM is part of the range of Eutaxa Electronic Key & Reference Collection; specialist taxonomic software for biological scientists that provides precise documentation of most species known from a certain geographic region. Eutaxa offers a complete virtual reference collection of a specific organism group, which can be used to compare morphological characteristics of species in any number and combination.

This particular disc offers a versatile application for the identification of last instar larvae of the order Trichoptera (class Insecta). About 282 species of Central Europe are documented precisely and over 5000 illustrations of relevant morphological characters can be queried from an extensive picture data base and compared with each other. A range of ecological and systematic dates shall enhance the knowledge of this invertebrate group, significant for the classification of standing or running waters.

Included applications (see the series record for more information): Family D-Key, Species D-Key, Family Query Key, Species Query Key, Gallery, Morphology, Ecology, Product Info

System requirements:
The software is compatible with Windows operating systems XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8, 32- or 64-bit. Please note that the programs cannot be installed on Windows 10, because the older version of the Microsoft SQL-Server is not accepted by the new Microsoft operating system! A newer version of the Eutaxa software will be available in a few years. In the meantime, users of Windows 10 may run the program on a virtual machine with XP, Vista, Windows 7 or 8.

If you are part of an institute wishing to purchase multiple license, please contact customer services to request a quote as discounted rates are available up to 10 licenses.


List of included Species

Order Trichoptera (Caddis Flies, Caddisflies)



Family Apataniidae Wallengren 1886

Genus Apatania Kolenati 1848

Apatania auricula (Forsslund 1930)
Apatania eatoniana McLachlan 1880
Apatania fimbriata (Pictet 1834)
Apatania muliebris McLachlan 1866

Family Beraeidae Wallengren 1891

Genus Beraea Stephens 1833

Beraea dira McLachlan 1875
Beraea maurus (Curtis 1834)
Beraea pullata (Curtis 1834)

Genus Beraeamyia Mosely 1930

Beraeamyia hrabei Mayer 1937
Beraeamyia squamosa Mosely 1930

Genus Beraeodes Eaton 1867

Beraeodes minutus (Linnaeus 1761)

Genus Ernodes Wallengren 1891

Ernodes articularis (Pictet 1834)
Ernodes vicinus (McLachlan 1879)

Family Brachycentridae Ulmer 1903

Genus Brachycentrus Curtis 1834

Brachycentrus maculatus (Fourcroy 1785)
Brachycentrus montanus Klapálek 1892
Brachycentrus subnubilus Curtis 1834

Genus Micrasema McLachlan 1876

Micrasema longulum McLachlan 1876
Micrasema minimum McLachlan 1876
Micrasema morosum (McLachlan 1868)
Micrasema setiferum (Pictet 1834)

Family Ecnomidae Ulmer 1903

Genus Ecnomus McLachlan 1864

Ecnomus deceptor McLachlan 1884
Ecnomus tenellus (Rambur 1842)

Family Glossosomatidae Wallengren 1891

Subfamily Agapetinae Martynov 1913

Genus Agapetus Curtis 1834

Agapetus delicatulus McLachlan 1884
Agapetus fuscipes Curtis 1834
Agapetus laniger (Pictet 1834)
Agapetus nimbulus McLachlan 1879
Agapetus ochripes Curtis 1834

Genus Catagapetus McLachlan 1884

Catagapetus nigrans McLachlan 1884

Genus Synagapetus McLachlan 1879

Synagapetus dubitans McLachlan 1879
Synagapetus iridipennis McLachlan 1879
Synagapetus krawanyi Ulmer 1938
Synagapetus moselyi Ulmer 1938

Subfamily Glossosomatinae Wallengren 1891

Genus Glossosoma Curtis 1834

Glossosoma bifidum McLachlan 1879
Glossosoma boltoni Curtis 1834
Glossosoma conformis Neboiss 1963
Glossosoma intermedium Klapálek 1892

Family Goeridae Ulmer 1903

Genus Goera Stephens 1829

Goera pilosa (Fabricius 1775)

Genus Lithax McLachlan 1876

Lithax niger (Hagen 1859)
Lithax obscurus (Hagen 1859)

Genus Silo Curtis 1830

Silo nigricornis (Pictet 1834)
Silo pallipes (Fabricius 1781)
Silo piceus (Brauer 1857)

Family Helicopsychidae Ulmer 1906

Genus Helicopsyche Siebold 1856

Helicopsyche spp.

Family Hydropsychidae Curtis 1835

Genus Cheumatopsyche Wallengren 1891

Cheumatopsyche lepida (Pictet 1834)

Genus Diplectrona Westwood 1840

Diplectrona felix McLachlan 1878

Genus Hydropsyche Pictet 1834

Hydropsyche angustipennis (Curtis 1834)
Hydropsyche botosaneanui Marinkovic-Gospodnetic 1966
Hydropsyche bulbifera McLachlan 1878
Hydropsyche bulgaromanorum Malicky 1977
Hydropsyche contubernalis McLachlan 1865
Hydropsyche dinarica Marinkovic-Gospodnetic 1979
Hydropsyche exocellata Dufour 1841
Hydropsyche fulvipes (Curtis 1834)
Hydropsyche guttata Pictet 1834
Hydropsyche incognita Pitsch 1993
Hydropsyche instabilis (Curtis 1834)
Hydropsyche modesta Navas 1925
Hydropsyche ornatula McLachlan 1878
Hydropsyche pellucidula (Curtis 1834)
Hydropsyche saxonica McLachlan 1884
Hydropsyche silfvenii Ulmer 1906
Hydropsyche siltalai Doehler 1963
Hydropsyche tenuis Navas 1932

Family Hydroptilidae Stephens 1836

Genus Agraylea Curtis 1834

Agraylea multipunctata Curtis 1834
Agraylea sexmaculata Curtis 1834

Genus Allotrichia McLachlan 1880

Allotrichia pallicornis (Eaton 1873)

Genus Hydroptila Dalman 1819

Hydroptila spp.

Genus Ithytrichia Eaton 1873

Ithytrichia lamellaris Eaton 1873

Genus Microptila Ris 1897

Microptila minutissima Ris 1897

Genus Orthotrichia Eaton 1873

Orthotrichia costalis (Curtis 1834)

Genus Oxyethira Eaton 1873

Oxyethira spp.

Genus Stactobia McLachlan 1880

Stactobia eatoniella McLachlan 1880
Stactobia moselyi Kimmins 1949

Genus Stactobiella Martynov 1924

Stactobiella risi (Felber 1908)

Genus Tricholeiochiton Kloet & Hincks 1944

Tricholeiochiton fagesii (Guinard 1879)

Family Lepidostomatidae Ulmer 1903

Genus Crunoecia McLachlan 1876

Crunoecia irrorata (Curtis 1834)
Crunoecia kempnyi Morton 1901

Genus Lepidostoma Rambur 1842

Lepidostoma basale (Kolenati 1848)
Lepidostoma hirtum (Fabricius 1775)

Family Leptoceridae Leach 1815

Genus Adicella McLachlan 1877

Adicella filicornis (Pictet 1834)
Adicella reducta (McLachlan 1865)

Genus Athripsodes Billberg 1820

Athripsodes albifrons (Linnaeus 1758)
Athripsodes aterrimus (Stephens 1836)
Athripsodes bilineatus (Linnaeus 1758)
Athripsodes cinereus (Curtis 1834)
Athripsodes commutatus (Rostock 1874)

Genus Ceraclea Stephens 1829

Ceraclea albimacula (Rambur 1842)
Ceraclea annulicornis (Stephens 1836)
Ceraclea dissimilis (Stephens 1836)
Ceraclea fulva (Rambur 1842)
Ceraclea nigronervosa (Retzius 1783)
Ceraclea senilis (Burmeister 1839)

Genus Erotesis McLachlan 1877

Erotesis baltica McLachlan 1877

Genus Leptocerus Leach 1815

Leptocerus interruptus (Fabricius 1775)
Leptocerus lusitanicus (McLachlan 1884)
Leptocerus tineiformis (Curtis 1834)

Genus Mystacides Berthold 1827

Mystacides azurea (Linnaeus 1761)
Mystacides longicornis (Linnaeus 1758)
Mystacides nigra (Linnaeus 1758)

Genus Oecetis McLachlan 1877

Oecetis furva (Rambur 1842)
Oecetis lacustris (Pictet 1834)
Oecetis notata (Rambur 1842)
Oecetis ochracea (Curtis 1825)
Oecetis testacea (Curtis 1834)

Genus Setodes Rambur 1842

Setodes argentipunctellus McLachlan 1877
Setodes punctatus (Fabricius 1793)
Setodes viridis (Fourcroy 1785)

Genus Triaenodes McLachlan 1865

Triaenodes bicolor (Curtis 1834)

Genus Ylodes Milne 1934

Ylodes conspersus (Rambur 1842)
Ylodes reuteri (McLachlan 1880)
Ylodes simulans (Tjeder 1929)

Family Limnephilidae Kolenati 1848

Subfamily Dicosmoecinae Schmid 1955

Genus Ironoquia Banks 1916

Ironoquia dubia (Stephens 1837)

Subfamily Drusinae Banks 1916

Genus Anomalopterygella Fischer 1966

Anomalopterygella chauviniana (Stein 1874)

Genus Cryptothrix McLachlan 1867

Cryptothrix nebulicola McLachlan 1867

Genus Drusus Stephens 1837

Drusus annulatus (Stephens 1837)
Drusus biguttatus (Pictet 1834)
Drusus chrysotus (Rambur 1842)
Drusus destitutus (Kolenati 1848)
Drusus discolor (Rambur 1842)
Drusus mixtus (Pictet 1834)
Drusus monticola McLachlan 1876
Drusus muelleri McLachlan 1868
Drusus trifidus McLachlan 1868

Genus Ecclisopteryx Kolenati 1848

Ecclisopteryx asterix Malicky 1979
Ecclisopteryx dalecarlica Kolenati 1848
Ecclisopteryx guttulata (Pictet 1834)
Ecclisopteryx madida (McLachlan 1867)

Genus Metanoea McLachlan 1880

Metanoea rhaetica Schmid 1955

Subfamily Limnephilinae Kolenati 1848

Tribus Chaetopterygini Hagen 1858

Genus Annitella Klapálek 1907

Annitella obscurata (McLachlan 1876)
Annitella thuringica (Ulmer 1909)

Genus Chaetopterygopsis Stein 1874

Chaetopterygopsis maclachlani Stein 1874

Genus Chaetopteryx Stephens 1829

Chaetopteryx fusca Brauer 1857
Chaetopteryx major McLachlan 1876
Chaetopteryx villosa (Fabricius 1789)

Genus Pseudopsilopteryx Schmid 1952

Pseudopsilopteryx zimmeri (McLachlan 1876)

Tribus Limnephilini Kolenati 1848

Genus Anabolia Stephens 1837

Anabolia brevipennis (Curtis 1834)
Anabolia furcata Brauer 1857
Anabolia nervosa (Curtis 1834)

Genus Asynarchus McLachlan 1880

Asynarchus lapponicus (Zetterstedt 1840)

Genus Glyphotaelius Stephens 1837

Glyphotaelius pellucidus (Retzius 1783)

Genus Grammotaulius Kolenati 1848

Grammotaulius nigropunctatus (Retzius 1783)
Grammotaulius nitidus (Mueller 1764)

Genus Limnephilus Leach 1815

Limnephilus affinis Curtis 1834
Limnephilus auricula Curtis 1834
Limnephilus binotatus Curtis 1834
Limnephilus bipunctatus Curtis 1834
Limnephilus borealis (Zetterstedt 1840)
Limnephilus centralis Curtis 1834
Limnephilus coenosus Curtis 1834
Limnephilus decipiens (Kolenati 1848)
Limnephilus elegans Curtis 1834
Limnephilus extricatus McLachlan 1865
Limnephilus flavicornis (Fabricius 1787)
Limnephilus fuscicornis (Rambur 1842)
Limnephilus fuscinervis (Zetterstedt 1840)
Limnephilus germanus McLachlan 1875
Limnephilus griseus (Linnaeus 1758)
Limnephilus hirsutus (Pictet 1834)
Limnephilus ignavus McLachlan 1865
Limnephilus incisus Curtis 1834
Limnephilus lunatus Curtis 1834
Limnephilus luridus Curtis 1834
Limnephilus marmoratus Curtis 1834
Limnephilus nigriceps (Zetterstedt 1840)
Limnephilus politus McLachlan 1865
Limnephilus rhombicus (Linnaeus 1758)
Limnephilus sparsus Curtis 1834
Limnephilus stigma Curtis 1834
Limnephilus subcentralis Brauer 1857
Limnephilus vittatus (Fabricius 1798)

Genus Nemotaulius Banks 1906

Nemotaulius punctatolineatus (Retzius 1783)

Genus Rhadicoleptus Wallengren 1891

Rhadicoleptus alpestris (Kolenati 1848)

Tribus Stenophylacini Schmid 1955

Genus Acrophylax Brauer 1867

Acrophylax zerberus Brauer 1867

Genus Allogamus Schmid 1955

Allogamus auricollis (Pictet 1834)
Allogamus ligonifer (McLachlan 1876)
Allogamus uncatus (Brauer 1857)

Genus Consorophylax Schmid 1955

Consorophylax consors McLachlan 1880
Consorophylax styriacus Botosaneanu 1967

Genus Enoicyla Rambur 1842

Enoicyla pusilla (Burmeister 1839)
Enoicyla reichenbachi (Kolenati 1848)

Genus Halesus Stephens 1836

Halesus digitatus (Schrank 1781)
Halesus radiatus (Curtis 1834)
Halesus rubricollis (Pictet 1834)
Halesus tesselatus (Rambur 1842)

Genus Hydatophylax Wallengren 1891

Hydatophylax infumatus (McLachlan 1865)

Genus Leptotaulius Schmid 1955

Leptotaulius gracilis Schmid 1955

Genus Melampophylax Schmid 1955

Melampophylax melampus (McLachlan 1876)
Melampophylax mucoreus (Hagen 1861)
Melampophylax nepos (McLachlan 1880)

Genus Mesophylax McLachlan 1882

Mesophylax aspersus (Rambur 1842)
Mesophylax impunctatus McLachlan 1884

Genus Micropterna Stein 1874

Micropterna lateralis (Stephens 1837)
Micropterna nycterobia McLachlan 1875
Micropterna sequax McLachlan 1875
Micropterna testacea (Gmelin 1789)

Genus Parachiona Thomson 1891

Parachiona picicornis (Pictet 1834)

Genus Potamophylax Wallengren 1891

Potamophylax cingulatus (Stephens 1837)
Potamophylax latipennis (Curtis 1834)
Potamophylax luctuosus (Piller & Mitterpacher 1783)
Potamophylax nigricornis (Pictet 1834)
Potamophylax rotundipennis (Brauer 1857)

Genus Stenophylax Kolenati 1848

Stenophylax permistus McLachlan 1895
Stenophylax vibex (Curtis 1834)

Family Molannidae Wallengren 1891

Genus Molanna Curtis 1834

Molanna albicans (Zetterstedt 1840)
Molanna angustata Curtis 1834

Genus Molannodes McLachlan 1866

Molannodes tinctus (Zetterstedt 1840)

Family Odontoceridae Wallengren 1891

Genus Odontocerum Leach 1815

Odontocerum albicorne (Scopoli 1763)

Family Philopotamidae Stephens 1829

Genus Chimarra Stephens 1829

Chimarra marginata (Linnaeus 1767)

Genus Philopotamus Stephens 1829

Philopotamus ludificatus McLachlan 1878
Philopotamus montanus (Donovan 1813)
Philopotamus variegatus (Scopoli 1763)

Genus Wormaldia McLachlan 1865

Wormaldia copiosa (McLachlan 1868)
Wormaldia occipitalis (Pictet 1834)
Wormaldia subnigra McLachlan 1865

Family Phryganeidae Leach 1815

Genus Agrypnia Curtis 1835

Agrypnia obsoleta (Hagen 1864)
Agrypnia pagetana Curtis 1835
Agrypnia picta Kolenati 1848
Agrypnia varia (Fabricius 1793)

Genus Hagenella Martynov 1924

Hagenella clathrata (Kolenati 1848)

Genus Oligostomis Kolenati 1848

Oligostomis reticulata (Linnaeus 1761)

Genus Oligotricha Rambur 1842

Oligotricha striata (Linnaeus 1758)

Genus Phryganea Linnaeus 1758

Phryganea bipunctata Retzius 1783
Phryganea grandis Linnaeus 1758

Genus Trichostegia Kolenati 1848

Trichostegia minor (Curtis 1834)

Family Polycentropodidae Ulmer 1903

Genus Cyrnus Kolenati 1848

Cyrnus crenaticornis (Kolenati 1859)
Cyrnus flavidus McLachlan 1864
Cyrnus insolutus McLachlan 1878
Cyrnus trimaculatus (Curtis 1834)

Genus Holocentropus McLachlan 1878

Holocentropus dubius (Rambur 1842)
Holocentropus picicornis (Stephens 1836)
Holocentropus stagnalis (Albarda 1874)

Genus Neureclipsis McLachlan 1864

Neureclipsis bimaculata (Linnaeus 1758)

Genus Plectrocnemia Stephens 1836

Plectrocnemia brevis McLachlan 1871
Plectrocnemia conspersa (Curtis 1834)
Plectrocnemia geniculata McLachlan 1871

Genus Polycentropus Curtis 1835

Polycentropus excisus Klapálek 1894
Polycentropus flavomaculatus (Pictet 1834)
Polycentropus irroratus Curtis 1835
Polycentropus kingi McLachlan 1881

Family Psychomyiidae Walker 1852

Genus Lype McLachlan 1878

Lype phaeopa (Stephens 1836)
Lype reducta (Hagen 1868)

Genus Psychomyia Latreille 1829

Psychomyia fragilis (Pictet 1834)
Psychomyia klapaleki Malicky 1995
Psychomyia pusilla (Fabricius 1781)

Genus Tinodes Curtis 1834

Tinodes assimilis McLachlan 1865
Tinodes dives (Pictet 1834)
Tinodes maclachlani Kimmins 1966
Tinodes maculicornis (Pictet 1834)
Tinodes pallidulus McLachlan 1878
Tinodes rostocki McLachlan 1878
Tinodes unicolor (Pictet 1834)
Tinodes waeneri (Linnaeus 1758)
Tinodes zelleri McLachlan 1878

Family Ptilocolepidae Martynov 1913

Genus Ptilocolepus Kolenati 1848

Ptilocolepus granulatus (Pictet 1834)

Family Rhyacophilidae Stephens 1836

Genus Rhyacophila Pictet 1834

Rhyacophila aurata Brauer 1857
Rhyacophila bonaparti Schmid 1947
Rhyacophila dorsalis (Curtis 1834)
Rhyacophila evoluta McLachlan 1879
Rhyacophila fasciata Hagen 1859
Rhyacophila glareosa McLachlan 1867
Rhyacophila hirticornis McLachlan 1879
Rhyacophila intermedia McLachlan 1868
Rhyacophila laevis Pictet 1834
Rhyacophila munda McLachlan 1862
Rhyacophila nubila (Zetterstedt 1840)
Rhyacophila obliterata McLachlan 1863
Rhyacophila pascoei McLachlan 1879
Rhyacophila philopotamoides McLachlan 1879
Rhyacophila polonica McLachlan 1879
Rhyacophila praemorsa McLachlan 1879
Rhyacophila producta McLachlan 1879
Rhyacophila pubescens Pictet 1834
Rhyacophila rectispina McLachlan 1884
Rhyacophila simulatrix McLachlan 1879
Rhyacophila stigmatica Kolenati 1859
Rhyacophila torrentium Pictet 1834
Rhyacophila tristis Pictet 1834
Rhyacophila vulgaris Pictet 1834

Family Sericostomatidae Stephens 1836

Genus Notidobia Stephens 1829

Notidobia ciliaris (Linnaeus 1761)

Genus Oecismus McLachlan 1876

Oecismus monedula (Hagen 1859)

Genus Sericostoma Latreille 1825

Sericostoma personatum (Kirby & Spence 1826)
Sericostoma schneideri Kolenati 1848

Family Uenoidae Iwata 1927

Genus Thremma McLachlan 1876

Thremma gallicum McLachlan 1880

Customer Reviews

By: Wolfgang Lechthaler(Author), Wolfram Stockinger(Author)
5000+ colour photos
Manufacturer: Eutaxa
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