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Batbox Baton Bat Detector

Comes with free sound analysis software


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NHBS Price: £78.00 inc VAT $102/€87 approx
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About this product

The Baton is an economic but versatile bat detector that uses frequency division to detect all species simultaneously by monitoring the whole spectrum of ultrasound between 20kHz and 120kHz. The Baton is the first bat detector to offer an economical way to listen to and record bat calls using frequency division detection. Lightweight and with one-button operation, the Batbox Baton has a division factor of 10, reducing the sounds of a 50kHz bat to 5kHz. The unit comes with a version of BatScan sound analysis software developed especially for the Baton.

*Real time sonograms
*No tuning required
*Free analysis software included

Record Real-Time Sonograms
Attach the Baton to the soundcard of a laptop by a stereo lead from the `line out' socket and you will be able to produce real-time sonograms, allowing detailed analysis of calls in the field with BatScan software. The Baton retains the original amplitude of the calls recorded allowing 3D analysis of bat calls (time, frequency and intensity).

Analyse calls after recording
Record from the Baton onto a digital recorder or mini-disc for detailed analysis with the included BatScan software. MP3 files will have to be converted to WAV files before Batscan will be able to load them.

Listen to insects
The Baton is also ideal for listening to orthoptera (grasshoppers and crickets) whose communication is in the upper part of, or above, human hearing.

Please note: headphones will not work if plugged directly into the Baton. Instead, they should be plugged into the recording device to listen to the bat calls.


Customer Reviews:

This used to be my main detector
by Al Milano in the United States (27/02/2013). Read more at

One of my favorite bat detectors, for nightly use, was the Baton from Batbox Ltd., Batbox Ltd.

I will say that it is among the most comfortable detector I've held so far – It conforms to one's hand very naturally. It is extremely easy to maneuver and point. Reminiscent of a device from your favorite Science Fiction series!

Another neat feature: The power switch: It is a comfortable, momentary type push button. It is illuminated at four points around the circular button, with blue (LED) light, which is at a low, pleasing level. This would not annoy one's night-adapted eyes (if in the field). Again, this is a clever and a unique departure from other bat detectors that feature bright LEDs.

Another feature that I am very pleased with, is the fact that the speaker is automatically disabled when one plugs in a stereo audio cable for recording. Other bat detectors don't have this feature, and you risk having your neighbors hear the reports of bats late into the evening and overnight. This is the case (with some detectors) when one wishes to set-up for unattended, overnight recording (as I do, for 90% of my detecting). So, this is not an issue with the BatBox Baton.

The price makes it very attractive for beginners – just a little more than the Ciel Kidz detector, and a bit less than the Magenta ones.

I simply love bats and bat detectors!

I was in need of a handheld detector, and was attracted to the very neat features the Baton offers. As well as the compact size of it, which will be great for field use on the go. The Baton has a pre-set volume, and it is set perfectly.

The Line Out jack (found on the left side of the unit) provides plenty of audio and signal strength. So, one has to deal with this fixed signal output by way of recording device adjustments. Such as: Reducing the recording device's Mic gain and/or sensitivity, experimenting with/implementing the recorder's various noise filters (Esp. "Low-cut" or "Low pass" filters), and experimenting with the Vox/VCVA/Voice activation feature's Level. If the recording device's settings are a bit on the sensitive side, you will be more prone to picking up/recording the jet engines of airliners passing overhead, etc.

The operation of this bat detector could not be any simpler, so anyone, including children, would have no problem at all using it. The fact that there are no adjustments whatsoever is great, in this regard.

It even seems a little odd at first, to get used to the idea that there are no knobs to fiddle with, Especially for those of us who are accustomed to adjusting knobs while bat detecting. It produces nice sonograms – on the included version of Batscan 9 (Batscan V.9 CD), that comes with the unit. A custom vinyl carrying case was also provided.

I am very pleased with the unit, overall, and would recommend it to anyone!


Baton Bat Detector
by Saduser in Australia
Totally dissatisfied. Suspect battery problem with unit. It would turn on/off by its own accord. Returned to manufacturer. They were unable to locate fault. Returned detector still faulty. Sensitivity issues arising. Now it barely registers the jingle of car keys directly on front of mic. Money gone down the drain. I would not buy it again. Good luck.


* Battery: One PP3 9V battery (lasts for up to 30 hours (alkaline)).
* Dimensions; 16.5cm x 4.6cm x 3.4cm
* Weight: 81g



Power Options

9V Alkaline Battery (6LR61)

A replacement/spare 9V battery for your Batbox Baton

NHBS Price: £3.50 inc VAT £3.95 (Save £0.45) $5/€4 approx

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