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Cytochromes C: Biological Aspects

Series: Springer Series in Molecular and Cell Biology [Closed]

By: Graham W Pettigrew(Author), Geoffrey R Moore(Author)


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About this book

Cytochrome c fulfills a central role in biological electron transport. Cytochromes C: Biological Aspects draws together information from diverse disciplines in order to provide a common base for further research. The comprehensive treatment of this subject does not neglect to show the diversity of biological respirations and photosyntheses. But it also defines their unifying principles. This overview presents the evolutionary relatedness in bioenergetic systems. Such systems are discussed at the experimental level with emphasis on the interpretation of results and the methodological approaches used. No other text provides a broad survey of this central area of biology. Researchers on cytochrome c are presented with information on the impact and importance of other disciplines on their area of investigation. Advanced students gain a balanced account of biological electron transport and will be encouraged to seek new directions of research.


1 Resolution, Characterisation and Classification of c-Type Cytochromes
1.1 Resolution
1.1.1 The Location of Cytochrome c
1.1.2 SDS Gel Electrophoresis and Heme Detection
1.1.3 Redox Potentiometry and Spectroscopy
1.2 Characterisation
1.2.1 Size
1.2.2 Amino Acid Analysis and Heme Content
1.2.3 Spectra
1.2.4 Midpoint Oxidation Reduction Potentials
1.3 Classification
1.3.1 Cytochrome Classes I, II and III
1.3.2 Subdivision of Class I

2 The Role of Mitochondrial Cytochrome c in Electron Transport
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Reaction of Cytochrome c with the Inner Membrane Electron Transfer System
2.2.1 General Features of the Inner Membrane Cytochrome Complexes Coenzyme Q-Cytochrome c Oxidoreductase (Complex III) Cytochrome Oxidase The Stoichiometry of the Cytochrome System
2.2.2 Direct Binding Studies
2.2.3 Kinetics Cytochrome Oxidase CoQ Cytochrome c Oxidoreductase and Cytochrome c1 Electron Transport in Mitochondria
2.3 Reaction of Cytochrome c with Intermembrane Redox Systems
2.3.1 The Cytochrome b5 Family
2.3.2 Cytochrome c Peroxidase
2.4 The Binding Surface of Cytochrome c
2.4.1 Introduction
2.4.2 Cytochrome Oxidase and CoQ Cytochrome c Oxidoreductase
2.4.3 The Intermembrane Redox Reactions
2.5 Structural Studies on the Electron Transfer Complexes of Cytochrome c
2.5.1 With Cytochrome Oxidase and CoQ Cytochrome c Oxidoreductase
2.5.2 With Cytochrome b5
2.5.3 With Cytochrome c Peroxidase
2.6 Ion Binding to Cytochrome c
2.7 Theoretical Aspects of Complex Formation by Cytochrome c
2.7.1 Monopole-Monopole Interactions
2.7.2 Pre-Orientation by Electrostatic Interaction
2.7.3 Surface Diffusion
2.7.4 Thermodynamic Measurements of Complex Formation
2.7.5 The Role of Local Complementary Charge Interactions
2.8 An Assessment of the Role of Cytochrome c in the Mitochondrion
2.8.1 The Reaction with Cytochrome Oxidase
2.8.2 The Transfer of Electrons Between Complex III and Cytochrome Oxidase
2.8.3 The Role of Cytochrome c in the Intermembrane Space
2.8.4 The Physiological Relevance of the Biphasic Kinetics

3 The Function of Bacterial and Photosynthetic Cytochromes c
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Donor Reactions to Cytochrome c - The bc1/bf Complex
3.2.1 Cytochrome c1 and f and the Role of the bc1/bf Complex
3.2.2 Composition and Mode of Action of the bc1/bf Complex
3.2.3 The Purification of Cytochrome c1 and f
3.2.4 Electron Transfer Activity of Cytochrome f and c1
3.2.5 Distribution
3.3 Donor Reactions to Cytochrome c - Chemolithotrophy
3.3.1 The Oxidation of Ammonia
3.3.2 The Oxidation of Methane and Methanol
3.3.3 The Oxidation of Sulfur Compounds
3.3.4 The Oxidation of Nitrite
3.3.5 The Oxidation of Ferrous Iron
3.4 Oxygen as a Terminal Electron Acceptor
3.4.1 Introduction
3.4.2 Cytochrome aa3
3.4.3 Cytochrome o
3.4.4 Cytochrome c Peroxidases
3.5 Nitrate Respiration and Denitrification
3.5.1 The Biology of Denitrification
3.5.2 The Reduction of Nitrate to Nitrite
3.5.3 The Reduction of Nitrite Cytochrome cd1 Other Nitrite Reductases
3.5.4 The Reduction of Nitric Oxide and Nitrous Oxide
3.5.5 Electron Transport and the Role of Cytochrome c
3.5.6 Energy Conservation
3.6 The Oxidation of Cytochrome c by the Photosynthetic Reaction Centre
3.6.1 Photosynthetie Reaction Centres
3.6.2 Cytochromes c2 in the Rhodospirillaceae
3.6.3 Reaction Centre Cytochrome c
3.6.4 The Chlorobiaceae
3.6.5 The Algal Cytochromes c and Plastocyanin
3.7 Sulfate Respiration and the Production of Sulfide
3.7.1 The Biology of the Sulfate-Redueing Bacteria
3.7.2 Electron Transport and the Roles of Cytochromes c
3.7.3 Energy Conservation

4 The Biosynthesis of Cytochrome c
4.1 Gene Structure and the Control of Gene Expression
4.1.1 The Structure of the Genes for Mitochondrial Cytochrome c
4.1.2 The Control of Expression of Mitochondrial Cytochrome c
4.1.3 The Control of Gene Expression in Bacterial Respiration and Photosynthesis
4.2 Posttranslational Processing and Modification
4.2.1 General Aspects of Posttranslational Transport and Processing
4.2.2 Mitochondrial Cytochrome c
4.2.3 Import of cx and Redox Enzymes of the Intermembrane Space
4.2.4 Posttranslational Transport in Bacteria
4.2.5 Posttranslational Transport in Chloroplasts
4.2.6 Methylation of Cytochrome c
4.2.7 The Folding of Cytochrome c

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