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Latest Ordovician and Earliest Silurian Brachiopods Succeeding the Hirnantia Fauna in South-East China

Out of Print
By: Rong Jiayu(Author), Huang Bing(Author), Zhan Ren-Bin(Author), David AT Harper(Author)
142 pages, 100 illustrations, 1 table
Latest Ordovician and Earliest Silurian Brachiopods Succeeding the Hirnantia Fauna in South-East China
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  • Latest Ordovician and Earliest Silurian Brachiopods Succeeding the Hirnantia Fauna in South-East China ISBN: 9781118861684 Paperback Dec 2013 Out of Print #211055
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About this book

Late Hirnantian and early Rhuddanian shelly faunas dominated by brachiopods are well developed in the clastic facies succeeding the cool and deep-water, very-low-diversity Hirnantia fauna in Zhejiang and Jiangxi provinces, south-east China; elsewhere in the world, during this interval, brachiopod assemblages are generally rare. The Cathaysiorthis brachiopod fauna, occurring within the Normalograptus persculptus to Akidograptus ascensus biozones, straddling the Ordovician and Silurian boundary, is systematically described herein. Comparison of the fauna with the preceding Hirnantia fauna in South China shows some major contrasts, but similarities in the dominance of orthides and strophomenides, the rarity of pentamerides and atrypides, and the lack of trimerellides. Virtually all the genera recorded are ‘hold-over’ genera from the diverse latest Katian fauna and have long ranges and wide geographical distributions except for some endemics. A major faunal change in the brachiopod fauna occurred within the N. persculptus Biozone, beneath the Ordovician–Silurian boundary. The end of the second episode of the Ordovician extinction event of brachiopods may have extended from the middle N. persculptus Biozone, prior to the start of the Silurian, coincident with N. persculptus Biozone – bearing beds generally overlying the Hirnantia fauna and a striking positive carbonate isotope excursion, present in many places in the world. The end Ordovician extinction is substantially different from the end Permian mass extinctions characterized by a sharp decline at all taxonomic levels with high extinction rates, the absence of ‘hold-overs’, Lazarus and progenitor taxa, prevalent miniaturization of shell size and a much slower recovery rate during the Triassic. This sharp contrast was enhanced by the relative intensity of both extinctions with widely different causes, patterns and consequences and by the relatively weak ecosystem disturbances through the Ordovician–Silurian transition rather than the ecosystem collapse during the early Triassic. A new family, Cathaysiorthidae, and five new genera or subgenera, Aegiromena (Aegiromenella), Eopholidostrophia (Megapholidostrophia), Chunanella, Yuhangella and Eospirifer (Protospirifer), are established, as well as fourteen new species: Anisopleurella asiatica, Chunanella chunanensis, Deliella delicatula, Dolerorthis (D.) multicostellata, Epitomyonia subquadrata, Eopholidostrophia (Megapholidostrophia) magnifica, Eoplectodonta (E.) boucoti, Eospirifer (E.) eosinensis, Fardenia (F.) flexa, Hesperorthis orientalis, Katastrophomena zheganensis, Mendacella mutabilis, Sulcatospira simplex and Yuhangella yui.


Abstract  5
Introduction  5
Geological setting  6
Material  9
Age of the fauna  14
Faunal analysis  16
Ecological differentiation  18  
Faunal comparison   20
   With the Hirnantia fauna  20
   With other related faunas  20
Concluding remarks  21

Systematic palaeontology  22
Order Lingulida Waagen, 1885  22
   Superfamily Linguloidea Menke, 1828  22
      Family Pseudolingulidae Holmer, 1991  22
         Genus Pseudolingula Mickwitz, 1909  22
Order Craniopsida Gorjansky and Popov, 1985  24
   Superfamily Craniopsoidea Williams, 1963  24
      Family Craniopsidae Williams, 1963  24
         Genus Paracraniops Williams, 1963  24
Order Craniida Waagen, 1885  26
   Superfamily Cranioidea Menke, 1828  26
      Family Craniidae Menke, 1828  26
         Genus Deliella Halamski, 2004  26
         Genus Pseudocrania McCoy, 1851  29
Order Strophomenida Öpik, 1934  29
   Superfamily Strophomenoidea King, 1846  29
      Family Strophomenidae King, 1846  29
         Genus Katastrophomena Cocks, 1968  29
         Strophomenid gen. et sp. indet.  31
      Family Rafinesquinidae Schuchert, 1893  33
         Genus Leptaena Dalman, 1828  33
         Genus Kiaeromena Spjeldnaes, 1957  35
      Family Leptostrophiidae Caster, 1939  37
         Genus Eomegastrophia Cocks, 1967  37
      Family Eopholidostrophiidae Rong and Cocks, 1994  38
         Genus Eopholidostrophia Harper, C. W.  J., Johnson and Boucot, 1967  38
            Subgenus Megapholidostrophia nov. 39
   Superfamily Plectambonitoidea Jones, *1928  42
      Family Leptestiidae Öpik, 1933  42
         Genus Leangella Öpik, 1933  42
      Family Xenambonitidae Cooper, 1956  45
         Genus Aegiromena Havlíček, 1961  45
            Subgenus Aegiromenella nov.  45
      Family Sowerbyellidae Öpik, 1930  49
         Genus Anisopleurella Cooper, 1956  49
         Genus Eoplectodonta Kozlowski, 1929  51
Order Orthotetida Waagen, 1884  54
   Superfamily Chilidiopsoidea Boucot, 1959  54
      Family Chilidiopsidae Boucot, 1959  54
         Genus Fardenia Lamont, 1935  54
   Superfamily Triplesioidea Schuchert, 1913  57
      Family Triplesiidae Schuchert, 1913  57
         Genus Triplesia Hall, 1859  57
Order Protorthida Schuchert and Cooper, 1931  59
   Superfamily Skenidioidea Kozlowski, 1929  59
      Family Skenidiidae Kozlowski, 1929  59
         Genus Skenidioides Schuchert and Cooper, 1931  59
Order Orthida Schuchert and Cooper, 1932  62
   Superfamily Orthoidea Woodward, 1852  62
      Family Glyptorthidae Schuchert and Cooper, 1931  62
         Genus Glyptorthis Foerste, 1914  62
      Family Hesperorthidae Schuchert and Cooper, 1931  64
         Genus Hesperorthis Schuchert and Cooper, 1931  64
         Genus Dolerorthis Schuchert and Cooper, 1931  69
      Family Cathaysiorthidae nov.  70
         Genus Cathaysiorthis Rong, Huang, Zhan  and  Harper, 2008  71
         Cathaysiorthid gen. et sp. indet. 1  74
         Cathaysiorthid gen. et sp. indet. 2  76
   Superfamily Plectorthoidea Schuchert and LeVene, 1929  76
      Family Plectorthidae Schuchert and LeVene, 1929  76
         Genus Plectorthis Hall and Clarke, 1892  76
         Plectorthid gen. et sp. indet.  78
   Superfamily Dalmanelloidea Schuchert, 1913  78
      Family Dalmanellidae Schuchert, 1913  78
         Genus Yuhangella nov.  78
         Genus Levenea Schuchert and Cooper, 1931  79
         Genus Templeella Rozman and Rong, 1993  85
      Family Dicoelosiidae Cloud, 1948  89
         Genus Epitomyonia Wright, 1968b  89
      Family Rhipidomellidae Schuchert, 1913  93
         Genus Mendacella Cooper, 1930  93
   Superfamily Enteletoidea Waagen, 1884  99
      Family Draboviidae Havlíček, 1950  99
         Genus Chunanella nov.  99
         Genus Salopina Boucot, 1960  102
Order Pentamerida Schuchert and Cooper, 1931  102
   Superfamily Pentameroidea McCoy, 1844  102
      Family Virgianidae Boucot and Amsden, 1963  102
         Genus Brevilamnulella Amsden, 1974  102
Order Rhynchonellida Kuhn, 1949  111
   Superfamily Rhynchotrematoidea Schuchert, 1913  111
      Family Trigonirhynchiidae McLaren, 1965  111
         Genus Rostricellula Ulrich and Cooper, 1942  111
         Genus Thebesia Amsden, 1974  113
Order Atrypida Rzhonsnitskaya, 1960  114
   Superfamily Atrypoidea Gill, 1871  114
      Family Atrypidae Gill, 1871  114
         Genus Alispira Nikiforova, 1961  114
         Genus Eospirigerina Boucot and Johnson, 1967  115
         Genus Sulcatospira Xu, 1979  118
Order Athyridida Boucot, Johnson and Staton, 1964  121
   Superfamily Meristelloidea Waagen, 1883  121
      Family Meristellidae Waagen, 1883  121
         Genus Hindella Davidson, 1882  121
         Genus Whitfieldella Hall and Clarke, 1894  123
Order Spiriferida Waagen, 1883  125
   Superfamily Cyrtioidea Frederiks, 1924  125
      Family Cyrtiidae Frederiks, 1924  125
         Genus Eospirifer Schuchert, 1913  125
            Subgenus Protospirifer nov.  125
            Subgenus Eospirifer Schuchert, 1913 127

Acknowledgements  131
References  131

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Out of Print
By: Rong Jiayu(Author), Huang Bing(Author), Zhan Ren-Bin(Author), David AT Harper(Author)
142 pages, 100 illustrations, 1 table
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