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Syllabus of Plant Families, Volume 1, Part 3: Basidiomycota and Entorrhizomycota

Series: Syllabus of Plant Families Volume: 1/3
By: Dominik Begerow(Editor), Alistair R McTaggart(Author), Reinhard Agerer(Author), Wolfgang Frey(Author)
471 pages, colour & b/w photos, b/w line drawings
Syllabus of Plant Families, Volume 1, Part 3: Basidiomycota and Entorrhizomycota
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  • Syllabus of Plant Families, Volume 1, Part 3: Basidiomycota and Entorrhizomycota ISBN: 9783443010980 Edition: 13 Hardback Oct 2018 In stock
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About this book

Language: English

Syllabus of Plant Families, Volume 1/3: Basidiomycota and Entorrhizomycota provides a thorough treatise of the world-wide morphological and molecular diversity of the fungal phyla Basidiomycota and Entorrhizomycota.

The Basidiomycota (Pucciniomycotina, Ustilaginomycotina, Agaricomycotina) are an extremely diverse group of the fungi with c. 36000 species, with a fascinating range of morphological and biological variation, distributed from the Antarctic, arctic tundra to tropical rainforests, and of high economic value. Many species of Agaricomycotina play a role in human food, most important and of greatest economic interest are the parasitic Pucciniomycotina and Ustilagomycotina. The Entorrhizomycota are plant root associated fungi and seem to represent a lineage of living fossils which links Glomeromycota, Ascomycota and Basidiomycota in a probable common origin.

The present volume is, as the formerly published volumes of the Syllabus, an updated synthesis of classical anatomical-morphological characters with modern molecular data, incorporating numerous new discoveries made during the last ten years, providing a comprehensive modern survey covering all families and genera of the Basidiomycota and Entorrhizomycota including detailed family descriptions.

Following the tradition of Engler, and incorporating the latest results from molecular phylogenetics and phylogenomics, the completely restructured and revised 13th edition provides an up-to-date evolutionary and systematic overview of the fungal and plant groups. It is a mandatory reference for students, experts and researchers from all fields of biological sciences, particularly botany, phycology and mycology.

While the Fungi are not part of the Plant Kingdom, they are formally included within the classic Engler's title Syllabus der Pflanzenfamilien / Syllabus of Plant Families", which comprised families of blue-green algae, algae, fungi, lichens, ferns, gymnosperms and flowering plants.


Abbreviations, Symbols VII
1 Introduction 1
2 Basidiomycota and Entorrhizomycota 2
      Characterization and systematic relationships 2
3 Synopsis of classification of Basidiomycota and Entorrhizomycota 10
4 Systematic arrangement of the taxa of the Basidiomycota 17
      4.1 Pucciniomycotina 17
            Agaricostilbomycetes 19
                  Agaricostilbales 19
            Atractiellomycetes 22
                  Atractiellales 23
            Classiculomycetes 26
                  Classiculales 26
            Cryptomycocolacomycetes 27
                  Cryptomycocolacales 27
            Cystobasidiomycetes 28
                  Cyphobasidiales 28
                  Cystobasidiales 28
                  Erythrobasidiales 29
                  Naohideales 30
            Microbotryomycetes 32
                  Heterogastridiales 32
                  Kriegeriales 35
                  Leucosporidiales 36
                  Microbotryales 37
                  Sporidiobolales 39
            Mixiomycetes 41
                  Mixiales 41
            Pucciniomycetes 42
                  Helicobasidiales 42
                  Pachnocybales 43
                  Platygloeales 43
                  Pucciniales 45
                  Pucciniales, gen. inc. sed. and polyphyletic genera 60
                  Septobasidiales 67
            Spiculogloeomycetes 72
                  Spiculogloeales 72
            Tritirachiomycetes 73
                  Tritirachiales 73
            Pucciniomycotina, gen. inc. sed 74
                  Figure legends Part Pucciniomycotina 75
      4.2 Ustilaginomycotina 92
            Exobasidiomycetes 94
                  Ceraceosorales 95
                  Doassansiales 95
                  Entylomatales 96
                  Exobasidiales 97
                  Georgefischeriales 99
                  Golubeviales 100
                  Microstromatales 101
                  Robbauerales 102
                  Tilletiales 102
            Malasseziomycetes 104
                  Malasseziales 104
            Monilielliomycetes 105
                  Moniliellales 105
            Ustilaginomycetes 105
                  Urocystidales 105
                  Uleiellales 107
                  Ustilaginales 108
                  Violaceomycetales 115
            Ustilaginomycetes, gen. inc. sed 115
                  Figure legends Part Ustilaginomycotina 117
      4.3 Subphylum Agaricomycotina 130
                  Wallemiomycetes 132
                  Geminibasidiales 132
                  Wallemiales 133
            Tremellomycetes 134
            Tremellomycetidae 134
                  Holtermanniales 134
                  Tremellales 134
                  Tremellodendropsidales 141
                  Trichosporonales 142
            Filobasidiomycetidae 143
                  Cystofilobasidiales 143
                  Filobasidiales 145
            Tremellomycetes, fam., gen. inc. sed 146
            Dacrymycetes 149
                  Dacrymycetales 150
                  Unilacrymales 151
            Agaricomycetes 152
            The phragmobasidial series 153
                  Sebacinales 153
                  Auriculariales 155
                  Tulasnellales 158
            The holobasidial series 160
            Cantharellomycetidae 160
                  Cantharellales 160
            Phallomycetidae 165
                  Gomphanae 166
                  Gomphales 166
                  Hysterangiales 169
                  Geastrales 172
            Phallanae 175
                  Phallales 175
            Trechisporomycetidae 181
                  Trechisporales 181
            Hymenochaetomycetidae 183
                  Hymenochaetales 183
            Polyporomycetidae 195
                  Corticiales 196
                  Polyporales 200
                  Gloeophyllales 237
                  Thelephorales 239
            Agaricomycetidae 243
                  Russulanae 244
                  Russulales 244
                  Boletanae 262
                  Atheliales 262
                  Lepidostromatales 265
                  Jaapiales 265
                  Boletales 266
                  Agaricanae 299
                  Amylocorticiales 299
                  Agaricales 301
                  Agaricales, gen. inc. sed., Agaricomycetes, gen. inc. sed., Agaricomycotina, gen. inc. sed., Basidiomycota, gen. inc. sed 404
                  Figure legends Part Agaricomycotina 425
5 Entorrhizomycota 445
      Entorrhizomycetes 445
            Entorrhizales 445
            Talbotiomycetales 446
6 Taxonomic novelties 447
7 Sources of Illustrations 448
8 Legend References 449
Index to Taxa 453

Customer Reviews

Series: Syllabus of Plant Families Volume: 1/3
By: Dominik Begerow(Editor), Alistair R McTaggart(Author), Reinhard Agerer(Author), Wolfgang Frey(Author)
471 pages, colour & b/w photos, b/w line drawings
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