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About this product

The BatLure is a digital ultrasonic player and speaker which can playback sounds with frequencies of up to 100kHz, making it ideal for playing bat vocalisations. It is capable of playing both real time and time expanded recordings (and will automatically recognise when calls are time expanded and play them back in real time). 

The BatLure is very compact and robust and has a tripod attachment mount, making it easy to set-up in your desired location. It plays sounds from an SD card which is supplied complete with several pre-loaded recordings. Users can also add their own recordings onto the card. Powered by 8 x AA batteries the BatLure can also be attached to an external 12V battery using the supplied cable.

The BatLure can be used:
* As a lure to improve catch rates of bats for survey or research
* To attract bats to new artificial roosts such as bat boxes or constructed hibernacula
* In the study of mating roosts via response of territorial males to played calls
* With bat detectors at training events or prior to bat walks
* For testing and calibration of bat detectors/recorders

The BatLure includes:
* BatLure 
* Carrying case with room for accessories
* External power cable for 12V power input
* SD card with pre-recorded calls
* 3-year service warranty

Standard shipping for the BatLure is free within Europe. If you are based outside of Europe or you require express shipping, please contact us for a quotation. 

Please note: In the U.K. a licence is required to use a bat lure for any activity that will cause disturbance to bats. If you are uncertain about whether you require a license, please seek advice from Natural England. If you are using a Bat Lure outside of the U.K. it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct licence where required.



* Memory card: SD card, formatted in either FAT16 or FAT32. Up to 32GB supported
* Supported files: Wave (.wav), Mono/Stereo, 8/16 bit
* Output frequency: 5 – 100kHz
* DAC sampling frequency: Up to 500kHz
* Time expansion to real-time: Standard supported (switchable)
* Output power: 6W
* DAC resolution: 12 bit
* Battery operating time: > 10 hours (30% output power)
* Batteries: 8 x AA
* External DC power: 6 – 16V, < 3A peak, low impedance
* Speaker: Vifa XT25SC90-04
* User controls: On/off, volume up/down
* User feedback: Power LED, clip indicator, volume LED’s (x5)
* Size: 170 x 120 x 65mm including battery and speaker
* Housing: Black anodised aluminium
* Weight: 1000g
* Tripod mount: Female thread for mounting on standard tripod (1/4UNC, 20tpi)
* External power connector: Standard
* Suspending eye: Standard



Power Options

BatLure Power Kit

This Power Kit will allow you to connect your BatLure to a 12V battery, mains source or car cigarette lighter socket.

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The BatLure From Apodemus
By Alfonso 1 May 2014

The BatLure, from Apodemus is an ultrasonic acoustic lure. It's primary purpose, is to playback recordings of bats; in full ultrasonic fashion. That is to say, it accurately reproduces (plays back) the unique ultrasounds of (recorded) bat calls. Such a device is of paramount importance, in one's effort to attract bats.

This cannot be properly accomplished without the existence of specially designed hardware (especially the speaker), such as the one employed in The BatLure.

There are several types and brands of these machines currently available. Some are more expensive than The BatLure, others are slightly less. However, that old cliche (that everyone is probably tired of hearing) bears repeating here: "You get what you pay for"

I came across a small advertisement (online) for The BatLure (while browsing bat detecting equipment). And I was impressed, as well as intrigued.

After it's arrival, I was also fascinated by the excellent design and build-quality of the device.

For those interested in recording bats, most notably, Professionals: The prospect of being able to lure specific species to your location, can make the difference between the success or failure of a given Project or Study.

When you really stop to think about it, the list of potential owners would actually be quite long... Those who would benefit from The BatLure include: Bat Researchers, Educators, Universities, PhD's-in-progress, Bat Workers (performing Surveys or otherwise), those interested in attracting bats to roost areas/Bat Boxes, other Pros involved with Wildlife, and even bat detecting enthusiasts...
However, please keep in mind that attracting bats may require a license where you reside.

As with several other creatures in The Animal Kingdom, bats may be attracted to an area, by accurately reproducing their calls (essentially calling them in). The unique challenge with bat calls, of course, is that they are ultrasonic (and therefore inaudible to us). There is also a bit of a challenge, when endeavoring to reproduce calls of bats. The average/typical speaker is incapable of properly reproducing the ultrasonic calls of bats. This is where a device such as The BatLure is indispensable.

This is the first time that I've had the opportunity to review such a device. And, I have been very impressed. Being fortunate enough, to have had extensive exposure to bat detecting equipment, I can tell you that the build quality of this unit is splendid.

Further information, Price, and technical specifications may be seen here on the NHBS Site.

In the case of The BatLure - The hardware practically takes care of itself.

The only buttons/controls are: On/Off button, Volume Up(+), and Volume Down (-).

By all means, those who are interested, may see the User Manual (in PDF format) Here.

The basic design of The BatLure, is that it's compact and solid. It sports a weather resistant and robust aluminum enclosure. Unlike similar machines on the market, the speaker on The BatLure, has been afforded some protection by the outer ring. This helps prevent accidental damage to the speaker. And is comforting to have on valuable piece of equipment.

The unit is very easy to use. The only process which requires some effort, is getting the calls of (the desired species) onto the SD memory card. A 4GB Class 4 SD memory card is included, with the BatLure kit. I've successfully used bat calls (.wav files) which were recorded using full-spectrum, and Time-Expansion methods.

I tested and experimented, using bat calls which were recorded using several methods:
Bat calls recorded using Time-Expansion seem to be the most straightforward to use.

The (extremely simple) software which runs/controls The BatLure is a (very short) text file. For those who have been around PC technology long enough: Think of a .bat/Batch file, Config-type file; or an .ini file. In the case of The BatLure, it is a .txt file called batlureconfig.txt.

All-in-all. Very easy to set-up and use! And, I've found that I have been able to call bats in with it.

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