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Ecology, Conservation and Management of Wild Pigs and Peccaries

By: Mario Melletti(Editor), Erik Meijaard(Editor), Francesco Rinaldi(Illustrator), Luciano Toma(Illustrator), Daniele Baisero(Contributor), Don E Wilson(Foreword By)

480 pages, 32 plates with colour photos, colour illustrations and colour maps; 153 b/w photos and b/w illustrations, 46 tables

Cambridge University Press

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Hardback | Nov 2017 | #234622 | ISBN-13: 9781107187313
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About this book

Wild pigs inhabit vast areas in Europe, Southern Asia and Africa, and have been introduced in North and South America, while feral pigs are widespread in Australia and New Zealand. Many wild pig species are threatened with extinction, but Eurasian wild boar populations, however, are increasing in many regions. Covering all wild pig and peccary species, the Suidae and Tayassuidae families, this comprehensive review presents new information about the evolution, taxonomy and domestication of wild pigs and peccaries alongside novel case studies on conservation activities and management. One hundred leading experts from twenty-five countries synthesise understanding of this group of species; discussing current research, and gaps in the knowledge of researchers, conservation biologists, zoologists, wildlife managers and students. This beautifully illustrated reference includes the long history of interactions between wild pigs and humans, the benefits some species have brought us and their role and impact on natural ecosystems.


Foreword: Don E. Wilson
Introduction: Erik Meijaard and Mario Melletti

Part I. Evolution, Taxonomy and Domestication: 1. Evolutionary relationships and taxonomy of Suidae and Tayassuidae. Jaime Gongora, Colin Groves, Erik Meijaard
2. Postcranial skeletal morphology in living and fossil African Suidae. Laura C. Bishop
3. Diet and ecology of extant and fossil wild pigs. Antoine Souron
4. A history of pig domestication: New ways of exploring a complex process. Evin Allowen, Keith Dobney, Thomas Cucchi
5. Space, time and pig. David J. Nemeth

Part II. Species Accounts: 6. Sulawesi Babirusa. Alastair A. Macdonald
7. Moluccan Babirusa. Sheherazade, Eka Hesdianti, Mochamad Indrawan
8. Togian Babirusa. Ito Masaaki and Mario Melletti
9. Common Warthog. Thomas M. Butynski and Yvonne A. de Jong
10. Desert Warthog. Yvonne A. de Jong and Thomas M. Butynski
11. Forest Hog. Rafael Reyna Hurtado, Jean-Pierre d'Huart, Andrea Turkalo
12. Bushpig. Armin H. W. Seydack
13. Red River Hog. Mario Melletti, Thomas Breuer, Brent A. Huffman, Andrea K. Turkalo, Marzia Mirabile, Fiona Maisels
14. Visayan Warty Pig. Mario Melletti, Erik Meijaard and Lidia Przybylska
15. Philippine Warty Pig. Erik Meijaard and Mario Melletti
16. Mindoro Warty Pig. Geoff Tabaranza, Emmanuel Schütz, Juan Carlos T. Gonzalez, Leticia M. Espiritu-Afuang
17. Palawan Bearded Pig. Peter Widmann
18. Sunda Bearded Pig. Matthew S. Luskin and Alison Ke
19. Sulawesi Warty Pig. James A. Burton, Abdul Haris Mustari, Ikeu Sri Rejeki
20. Javan/Bawean Warty Pig. Eva Johanna Rode-Margono, Mark Andreas Rademaker, Gono Semiadi, Stephan Bulk
21. Eurasian Wild Boar. Oliver Keuling, Tomasz Podgórski, Andrea Monaco, Mario Melletti, Dorota Merta, Marzena Albrycht, Peter V. Genov, Friederike Gethoffer, Ferran Jori, Sebastian Vetter, Riccardo Scalera, Jaime Gongora
22. Pygmy Hog. Goutam Narayan and Parag Jyoti Deka
23. Chacoan Peccary. Mariana Altrichter, Harald Beck, Jaime Gongora, Alexine Keuroghlian, Rafael Reyna Hurtado
24. Collared Peccary. Rafael Reyna Hurtado, Alexine Keuroghlian, Mariana Altrichter, Harald Beck, Jaime Gongora
25. White-lipped Peccary. Harald Beck, Alexine Keuroghlian, Rafael Reyna Hurtado, Mariana Altrichter, Jaime Gongora

Part III. Conservation and Management:
26. Conservation of wild pigs and peccaries. Alexine Keuroghlian, Rafael Reyna Hurtado, Erik Meijaard, Mariana Altrichter, Harald Beck, Jaime Gongora
27. Modelling pygmy hog habitat to inform habitat management. Janani Pradhan and Erik Meijaard
28. Introduced wild pigs in North America: history, problems and management. John J. Mayer
29. Biological invasion of wild boar and feral pigs Sus scrofa L. (Suidae) in South America: a review and mapping with implications for conservation of peccaries (Tayassuidae). Carlos Henrique Salvador and Fernando Fernandez
30. Feral pigs in Australia and New Zealand: range, trend, management and impacts of an invasive species. Andrew Bengsen, Peter West, Cheryl Krull
31. Wild boar management in Europe: knowledge and practice. András Náhlik, Sean Cahill, Sandra Cellina, János Gál, Ferenc Jánoska, Carme Rosell, Sophie Rossi, Giovanna Massei
32. Resolving conflict between farmers and wild boar in Europe and in Northern Asia. Bogusław Bobek, Jakub Furtek, Nikolay Markov, Dorota Merta, Marta Wojciuch Płoskonka, Michał Wójcik, Ulf Hohmann
33. Human dimensions of wild boar: the need to include people in decision making processes. Beatrice Frank
34. A genomic perspective aboutwild boar demography and evolution. Marcel Amills Eras, Hendrik-Jan Megens, Arianna Manunza, Sebastián E. Ramos-Onsins, Martien Groenen
35. Wild and feral pigs: disease transmission at the interface between wild and domestic Suiform species in the Old and New world. Ferran Jori, Arian Payne, Richard Kock, Alessandra Nava, Karl Ståhl, Sophie Rossi
36. Ecological impact of wild boar in natural ecosystems. Peter V. Genov, Stefano Focardi, Federico Morimando, Laura Scillitani, Atidzhe Ahmed
37. Ex situ conservation of wild pigs and peccaries: roles, status, management successes and challenges. Kristin Leus
38. Antimicrobial resistance in wild boar in Europe: present knowledge and future challenges. Rita Tinoco Torres, Mónica V. Cunha, Tânia Caetano, Sónia Mendo, Emmanuel Serrano, Carlos Fonseca

Reviews (2)

A comprehensive reference book
By Carla 6 Feb 2018 Written for Hardback

When I got my hands on this book for the first time I was amazed by the number of chapters and topics treated with the collaboration of 100 experts across the world! It has been a surprise to see so much information in particular on some very little known species of South-East Asia. The combination of information on management, taxonomy, domestication, genetic and ecology with 20 species accounts makes this work really comprehensive. It is a pleasure to find so many details, data, tables, pictures, graphs and updated maps in a single volume also enriched with beautiful illustrations of some species. I think this work is mainly addressed to researchers, professionals, wildlife managers but also to a more general readership.

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A great reference book
By Karl 7 Feb 2018 Written for Hardback

I had the opportunity to look at a copy of this beautiful book and I have to say this is an amazing reference work on pigs and peccaries. I think the author is the same of a similar book published on wild cattle in 2014 and, as the first book, this one is rich in detailed information that I have never seen before in other publications on wild pigs. The volume is constituted by 38 chapters and it includes also at least three chapters on feral pigs in different Continents such as North and South America, Australia and New Zealand and several accounts on wild boar with a lot of information on management practices. I think, without any doubt, that can be considered the reference book for conservation and management of wild pigs and peccaries for many years to come.

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