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Mesozoic Fishes 6 – Abstracts 6th International Meeting on Mesozoic Fishes – Diversification and Diversity Patterns, Vienna, Austria August 4th-10th, 2013

Series: Mesozoic Fishes Volume: 6
By: Cathrin Schwarz(Editor), Jürgen Kriwet(Editor)
70 pages, no illustrations
Mesozoic Fishes 6 – Abstracts
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  • Mesozoic Fishes 6 – Abstracts ISBN: 9783899371628 Paperback Jan 2013 Usually dispatched within 6 days
Price: £24.99
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About this book

Language: English

The book gives the abstracts for the talks of the sixth symposium on mesozoic fishes, held in Vienna, Austria, from August 4th-10th, 2013. This volume contains 66 abstracts of oral (41) and poster presentations (25) that represent the entire focus of Mesozoic fish research. All major groups and topics such as evolutionary and diversity patterns and new and exciting discoveries are covered.


Jürgen KRIWET:
Introduction     3-4
A Giant frilled shark from the Late Cretaceous of Western Canada [Poster]     5

A new Chanidae fish (Ostariophysii: Gonorynchiformes) from the Cretaceous of the Araripe Basin, North-eastern Brazil [Poster]     6

How much do we know about fin rays, their segmentation and branching processes in advanced actinopterygians? [Talk]     7

Alexander F. BANNIKOV:
A new genus for the Cenomanian ellimmichthyiform fishes from Lebanon and Mexico [Poster]     8

Putting the ecology back into fish palaeoecology [Talk]     9

Niels BONDE:
Lampriforms of the Cretaceous and Early Palaeogene [Talk]     10

W. Cal BORDEN, Terry GRANDE, Mark. V. H. WILSON & Alison M. MURRAY:
Search for the basal acanthomorph fish: an interdisciplinary approach to revising polymixiiforms and understanding the origin of spiny-rayed fishes [Talk]     11

Donald B. BRINKMAN, Michael G. NEWBREY & Andrew G. NEUMAN:
Non-marine teleost fish from the Late Cretaceous and Early Palaeocene of the Western Interior of North America – evidence from vertebrate microfossil localities [Talk]     12

Chondrichthyans from the Upper Cretaceous of Venezuela: Diversity and Palaeobiogeographic implications [Poster]     13

Lionel CAVIN:
Comparative evolutionary histories of mesozoic ginglymodian (Actinopterygii) and actinistian (Sarcopterygii) fishes [Talk]     14

Hernández-Guerrero CITLALLI & Katia A. GONZÁLEZ-RODRÍGUEZ:
Taxonomy of the Pachyrhizodontid fishes of the Muhi Quarry, Hidalgo, Mexico [Poster]     15

Todd D. COOK, Mikael SIVESON, Michael G. NEWBREY & Mark V. H. WILSON:
Ontogenetic variation in the dentition of a new anacoracid shark from the Haycock Marl (Latest Cenomanian) of Western Australia [Talk]     16

Stephen L. CUMBAA, Richard DAY, James W. HAGGART, Robert B. HOLMES, Alison M. MURRAY & Claudia SCHRÖDER-ADAMS:
Fauna of the Turonian Lac des Bois locality, Northern Canada, and Palaeoenviromental implications [Poster]     17

Gilles CUNY, Romain LIARD, Uthumporn DEESRI, Tida LIARD, Suchada KHAMHA & Varavudh SUTEETHORN:
Freshwater hybodont sharks from the Late Jurassic – Early Cretaceous of Northeastern Thailand: stratigraphical and palaeobiogeographical implications [Talk]     18

Donald DAVESNE, Olga OTERO, Cyril GALLUT, Guillaume LECOINTRE & Philippe JANVIER:
The birth of “sea serpents”: an overview of the potential fossil sister-groups to Lampriformes [Talk]     19

Uthumporn DEESRI, Komsorn LAUPRASERT, Suravech SUTEETHORN, Varavudh SUTEETHORN, Chalida LAOJUMPON, Suchada KHAMHA, Wilailuck NAKSRI & Gilles CUNY & Lionel CAVIN:
A new site with articulated fishes remains (Actinopterygii: Holostei) from the Late Triassic of Thailand [Talk]     20

Martin EBERT, Jennifer LANE & Martina KÖLBL-EBERT:
A revision of the genus Macrosemius Agassiz (Actinopterygii, Macrosemiidae) in Southern Germany and Cerin (France) [Talk]     21

Martin EBERT, & Martina KÖLBL-EBERT:
The genus Proscinetes Gistel, 1848 (Pycnodontidae, Actinopterygii) in the Late Jurassic of the Solnhofen Archipelago (Germany) [Poster]     22

Sebastien ENAULT:
New look on the adaptive radiation of mesozoic batoids, inferences from teeth microstructure [Talk]     23

On the Early Cretaceous chondrichthyan egg capsule Palaeoxyris jugleri (von Ettingshausen) also known as Spirangium [Talk]     24

Paleoecology and taphonomy of Saurichthys in the Middle Triassic Fossil-Lagerstaetten of Monte San Giorgio [Talk]     25

Paula Guillermina GIORDANO & Gloria ARRATIA:
Macro- and micromorphology of the scales of a new macrosemiform from the Aptian West Gondwana [Poster]     26

Two new fish from the Muhi Quarry (Albanian-Cenomanian), Hidalgo, Central Mexico [Talk]     27

Masatoshi GOTO:
Tooth evolution and adaptation of elasmobranchs [Talk]     28

Pachycormiformes from the Upper Jurassic of the Neuquen Basin, southern South America – Present state of knowledge [Poster]     29

Aspidorhynchiformes from the Upper Jurassic of the Neuquen Basin, southern South America [Poster]     30

Terry GRANDE, W. Cal BORDEN, Mark. V. H. WILSON & Alison M. MURRAY:
Comparative osteology and myology among species of the primitive living acanthomorph Polymixia, with emphasis on the type species P. nobilis and implications for the origin of spiny-rayed teleosts [Poster]     31

Sphenodus Agassiz (Neoselachii, Synechodontiformes, Oxfordian) from the Hády Hill in Brno, Czech Republic – A preliminary Report [Poster]     32

Guillaume GUINOT & Lionel CAVIN:
Quality of the marine ‘fish’ fossil record and corresponding palaeobiodiversity patterns [Poster]     33

Guillaume GUINOT, Henri CAPPETTA & Sylvain ADNET:
A rare Valanginian elasmobranch assemblage and its bearing on Mesozoic chondrychthan diversity [Talk]     34

Alexander IVANOV:
Phoebodont-like teeth from the Triassic of Europe [Talk]     35

Anne KEMP:
The awful sameness of dipnoans [Talk]     36

Bouziane KHALLOUFI, Didier DUTHEIL, Paulo BRITO, Sylvain CHARBONNIER, Gaël CLÉMENT, Pierre GUÉRIAU, Nour-Eddine JALIL, Abdelilah TOURANI, Hélène BOURGET & Fatima KHALDOUNE:
New articulated actinopterygians from a freshwater Konservat-Lagerstätte in the Kem Kem beds, Upper Cretaceous of Morocco [Talk]     37

Martina KÖLBL-EBERT & Martin EBERT:
Preliminary investigations into the ecology of Plattenkalk Basins within the Solnhofen Archipelago in light of their fish fauna [Talk]     38

Ilja KOGAN, Jan FISCHER, Sebastian VOIGT, Jörg W. SCHNEIDER & Frederik SPINDLER:
The ichthyofauna of the non-marine Triassic Madygen Formation (Southwest Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia) [Poster]     39

Ilja KOGAN, Steffen PACHOLAK, Martin LICHT, Christoph BRÜCKER & Jörg W. SCHNEIDER:
Making a fossil fish swim – the Saurichthys hydrodynamic model project [Talk]     40

Martha B. KOOT, Carlo ROMANO, Richard J. TWITCHETT, Gilles CUNY & Malcolm B. HART:
Diversity dynamics in the global Permian-Triassic chondrichthyan fauna: taxonomic diversity, palaeoecology and distribution [Talk]     41

Jürgen KRIWET & Stefanie KLUG:
Dental patterns of basal Hexanchoid sharks (Elasmobranchii, Hexanchiformes) [Poster]     42

Turonian pycnodontid fish (Neoterygii, Pycnodontiformes) from Northern Germany [Poster]     43

Jennifer LANE & Martin EBERT:
Re-examination of Ophiopsis and Furo (Halecomorphi: Ionoscopiformes) from the upper Jurassic of Western Europe: new evidence and preliminary results [Talk]     44

Carolina R. LAURINI & Marcelo R. DE CARVALHO:
A new look at Rhinobatiformes (Chondrichthyes) from Araripe, Lower Cretaceous of NE Brazil [Talk]     45

Jeff LISTON, Paul H. LAMBERS, Anthony E. MALTESE & Dominique DELSATE:
Evidence of absence: reduced ossifictaion as a strategy for large size, and other problems with the ‘Pachycormid Renaissance’ [Talk]     46

Additions to the freshwater ichthyofauna from the lower Cretaceous (Barremian) of northern South America [Poster]     47

A review of the amiid fishes (Halecomorphi, Amiiformes) of the lower Cretaceous (Barremian) of Las Hoyas [Talk]     48

Reconsideration of the axial sekelton of the basal actinopterygian Saurichthys [Talk]     49

Diogo MAYRINCK, Paulo M. BRITO, Manoel Francisco COSTA PEREIRA & Olga OTERO:
Review of the genus †Lusitanichthys Gayet, 1981, from the Cenomanian of Portugal and Morocco, and re-interpretation of some anatomical complexes based on new Specimens [Poster]     50

François J. MEUNIER, Didier DUTHEIL & Paulo M. BRITO:
Histological study of the median lingual dentary plate of the Cretaceous fish †Palaeonotopterus greenwoodi (Teleostei: Osteoglossomorpha) from the Kem-Kem beds, Morocco [Poster]     51

Alison M. MURRAY, Mark V. H. WILSON, Terry GRANDE & W. Cal BORDEN:
The limits and relationships of fossil Polymixiiformes (Teleostei: Acanthomorpha) [Poster]     52

Michael G. NEWBREY, Todd C. COOK, Donald B. BRINKMAN, Andrew G. NEUMAN, Rebecca SANCHEZ & Darren TANKE:
A partial orectolobiform skeleton from the Freshwater Scollard Formation (Maastrichtian), Alberta, Canada [Talk]     53

Michael G. NEWBREY, Sarah Z. GIBSON, Donald B. BRINKMAN & Andrew G. NEUMAN:
A New semionotiform from the Upper Cretaceous Scollard Formation (Maastrichtian), Alberta, Canada [Talk]     54

Friedrich H. PFEIL:
Two well preserved Upper Cretaceous sharks from Lebanon . . . and many questions [Talk]     55

Evgeny POPOV, Christopher DUFFIN, Helmut TISCHLINGER & Andrey ATUCHIN:
Reconstructions of the German Plattenkalk (Late Jurassic) chimaeroid fishes (Holocephali, Chimaeroidei) [Poster]     56

Evgeny V. POPOV:
A revision of the chimaeroid genus Elasmodus Egerton, 1843 (Holocephali: Chimaeroidei) [Talk]     57

Carlo ROMANO, Martha B. KOOT, Ilja KOGAN, Alla V. MINIKH & Winand BRINKMAN:
Diversity dynamics and body size evolution of Permian and Triassic Osteichthyes [Talk]     58

Cathrin SCHWARZ & Jürgen KRIWET:
New Information about the palaeobiology of †Enchodus sp. (Actinopterygii, Teleostei) from the Cenomanian of Lebanon [Poster]     59

Roksana SKRZYCKA, Piotr SRZYCKI & Marek DEC:
First record of polish Late Triassic coelocanth from non-marine sediments [Talk]     60

Triassic dipnoans from Early to Late Triassic non-marine localities of southern Poland; rapid evolution or subsequent invasions? [Talk]     61

J. D. STEWART & Marjorie E. HAKEL:
New observations on Pachyrhizodus species of North America [Talk]     62

Zuo-Yu SUN, Andrea TINTORI, Cristina LOMBARDO & Dayong JIANG:
News from the Early Triassic fish faunas from Southern China [Talk]     63

New data on the acipenseriforms from the Mesozoic of Central Asia and Transbaykalia [Talk]     64

Andrea TINTORI, Cristina LOMBARDO, Zuoyu SUN & Dayong JIANG:
Late Ladinian/Early Carnian fish faunas from the Tethys [Talk]     65

Taketeru TOMITA:
Intermittent swimming lifestyle in hybodontid sharks, reconstructed on the basis of gill arch and caudal fin morphologies [Poster]     66

Mark V. H. WILSON & Alison M. MURRAY:
Two new amioid fishes from the early Late Cretaceous Akrabou Formation of Morocco and their phylogenetic significance [Talk]     67

Feixiang WU & Yuanlin SUN:
New material of Saurichthys (Actinopterygii, Saurichthyiformes) provides evidence of the diplapsidy (double-arch) in the vertebral column of Saurichthyid fishes [Talk]     68

Guang-Hui XU, Li-Jun ZHAO & Michael COATES:
A new ionoscopiform from the Middle Triassic of China, and phylogenetic relationships of the Halecomorphi [Talk]     69

Yoshitaka YABUMOTO:
A new sinamiid fish from Early Cretaceous Tetori Group in Central Japan [Poster]     70

Customer Reviews

Series: Mesozoic Fishes Volume: 6
By: Cathrin Schwarz(Editor), Jürgen Kriwet(Editor)
70 pages, no illustrations
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