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NHBS Grapevine #49

NHBS Grapevine: The Best of our Books & Equipment #49
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NHBS Grapevine - The Best of Our Books & Equipment
20th April 2017   

About Us
In this edition: Celebrate the arrival of spring by trying something new - see our Best of Spring offering for inspiration! We also focus on three new and forthcoming books including the latest New Naturalist, Early Humans; a fascinating new book that advances our understanding of bird migration over the Himalayas, and an amazing new field guide to the Britain’s Spiders.

On the blog, our book cataloguer / evolutionary biologist, Leon introduces a new book about one of the world’s longest running artificial selection experiments. We also highlight books that offer insights into the secret lives of both Flies and natural history museum Curators, conservation of the plant genus Commiphora, and Pufferfish and their allies.

Have a look at Leon’s Bookshelf for the latest arrivals at our warehouse and important new book titles catalogued and Luanne’s Kit Bag for the best night vision and thermal imaging equipment.

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Leon's Bookshelf
Leon's selection of new arrivals at the warehouse & important new titles catalogued.
Browse Leon's Bookshelf.
Luanne's Kit Bag
This week's bag features the best night vision and thermal imaging equipment.
Browse Luanne's Kit Bag
Spring is the beginning of a new season and a host of new opportunities to see the animals and plants that we missed last year. Each spring the team at NHBS get together to compile lists of the very best new natural history books and field guides, survey equipment and wildlife gifts - to these lists we add our best sellers across each category. We hope you will find something to inspire you to try something new this year.   
Best of Spring book highlights
  1. Britain's Mammals
  2. Crossbill Guide: Western Andalucía
  3. A Field Guide to Grasses, Sedges and Rushes
  4. Early Humans
  5. RSPB Spotlight: Bumblebees
  6. Solitary Bees
  7. A Guide to Fossil Collecting in England and Wales
  8. Wild Kingdom: Bringing Back Britain's Wildlife
  9. Wild Orchids of Wales: How, When and Where to Find Them
  10. The World of Crocuses
Early Humans - Due May 2017
Our understanding of the British Palaeolithic and Mesolithic has changed dramatically over the last three decades, and yet not since H. J. Fleure's A Natural History of Man in Britain (1951) has the New Naturalist Library included a volume focused on the study of early humans and their environment.
 In this long overdue new book, distinguished archaeologist Nick Ashton uncovers the most recent findings and paints a picture of the first human visitors to this remote peninsula of north-west Europe.
Latest releases in the Collins’ New Naturalist series
Bird Migration Across the Himalayas: Wetland Functioning Amidst Mountains and Glaciers - Now in stock
Birds migrating across the Himalayan region fly over the highest peaks in the world, facing immense physiological and climatic challenges. Capitalising on knowledge generated through satellite telemetry, the authors describe the migratory routes of a multitude of birds flying over or skirting the Himalayas. The myriad of threats to migratory birds and the wetland system in the Central Asian Flyway are discussed, along with ways to mitigate them.
Due May 2017 | pre-publication offer 
Britain's Spiders - SAVE 27.5%
Britain’s Spiders is the first photographic field guide to British spiders to be published since 1989. Individual accounts cover 390 of Britain's approximately 660 species, including all 37 of the British families with the limitations to field identification explained.
The book is designed to be accessible to a wide audience, but pushes the boundaries of field identification for this challenging group by combining information on features that can be seen with the naked eye or a hand lens with additional evidence from webs, egg-sacs, behaviour, phenology, habitats and distributions.
Other books in the Britain's Wildlife series
State of UK Birds 2016
This report paints a sad picture for UK conservation with 15 species added to the Red list. Five are from upland habitats, including the Curlew which has seen a 64% decline from 1970-2014.

The Great Barrier Reef’s safety net is becoming more complex but less effective
Tiffany Morrison from James Cook University explains how conservationists’ ability to react to the current coral bleaching crisis is limited by an increasingly tangled web of bureaucracy

Past penguin colony responses to explosive volcanism on the Antarctic Peninsula
A chance discovery on a small Antarctic Island, dubbed Penguin Pompei, has revealed how volcanic activity has driven fluctuations in Gentoo populations over 7000 years.
Our catalogue editor's picks from the new books at NHBS

Important arrivals at the warehouse: Important titles catalogued:
Night Vision equipment from the NHBS Equipment Team
...for natural history, ecology, conservation & other environmental books and equipment
On the blog
How to Tame a Fox (and Build a Dog) tells a remarkable story about a remarkable long-term experiment you will most likely never have heard of.

New books at NHBS
Curators: Behind the Scenes of Natural History Museums is  beautifully written and richly illustrated book is a clear-eyed but loving account of natural history museums, their curators, and their ever-expanding roles in the twenty-first century.
New paperback
In The Secret Life of Flies entomolologist Erica McAlister dispels many common misconceptions and reveals how truly amazing, exotic and important these creatures really are. 
Equipment highlight
Seek Thermal CompactPRO FF
The Seek Thermal CompactPRO FF is a thermal imager that works with a range of smart phones. Great for surveying for roosting bats and birds.
Flora Corner
This book provides details of the ecology and morphology of the genus Commiphora, cultivation information as a means to preserve the species through horticulture, and descriptions of 65 species in this genus.
Fauna Corner
Pufferfishes and Their Allies of Japan: Japanese with English and scientific nomenclature. This illustrated book covers 13 genera and 58 species of puffer fish living in Japan. It provides information on classification, identification, distribution, palatability and toxicity of puffer fish.

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