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NHBS Grapevine #54

NHBS Grapevine: The Best of our Books & Equipment #54
NHBS Grapevine - The Best of Our Books & Equipment
6th July 2017   

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In this edition: We have an interview with Chris Thomas, whose thought-provoking book "Inheritors of the Earth" is published today, our guide to whale and dolphin watching, and research published on the importance of nest sites for birds and bees.

Further highlights this week: the Echo Meter Touch 2 is flying off our shelves; we have received some excellent feedback from our readers for the new guide that aids identification of micro-moths in a new format, and we are now stocking most titles by SANBI.  

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Leon's Bookshelf
Leon's selection of new arrivals at the warehouse & important new titles catalogued.
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Luanne's Kit Bag
In the kit bag this week we have a focus on field stationery.

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Published Today - Inheritors of the Earth

How Nature is Thriving in an Age of Extinction
Chris D. Thomas is a Professor in the Department of Biology at the University of York. He has an interest in human-induced changes of the biological world and biodiversity protection.
Inheritors of the Earth is an interesting and thought-provoking book on the current mass extinction crisis, and conservation philosophy in general. Sure to ruffle some feathers, NHBS believes this book makes an important contribution. We contacted Chris with some questions after reading his book.

Click here to read the full author interview
Micro-Moth Field Tips: A Guide to Finding the Early Stages in Lancashire and Cheshire – A Chronological Guide from January to December - Paperback
This useful guide helps moth recorders to find and identify the early stages of micro-moths by searching for key feeding signs. Descriptions are accompanied by helpful photographs which aid in finding the species described. Whilst the book focuses on moths found in Lancashire and Cheshire, the field tips will be of equal use to recorders in other regions.
On the Blog - The Importance of Nest Sites for Birds and Bees
Image by David Price
A recently published study conducted at the University of Exeter suggests that competition for nesting spaces may explain the variation seen in the decline of closely related bird and bee species. Check out our recent blog article for more information, or download the published paper here.

South African National Biodiversity Institute - SANBI Publishing
SANBI publishes on the plants and animals of South Africa and elsewhere on the African continent.  We hold stock of most SANBI titles for immediate dispatch.

Among their book series are the SANBI Biodiversity Series, Strelitzia and Flowering Plants of Africa
SANBI conducts research and monitors biodiversity in South Africa, and elsewhere on the continent. South Africa is teeming with plant and animal life, and three of its biomes have been designated global biodiversity hotspots. SANBI also manages the country’s famous National Botanical Gardens as ‘windows’ to South Africa’s biodiversity. 
Books from SANBI Publishing :
Dormouse Declines
Conservation scientists from the University of Exeter, analysing survey data from the past 20 years, have reported a 72% decline in dormouse numbers between 1993 and 2014. Read more about the results here or peruse the full paper, published recently in Mammal Review.

UNESCO urges Poland to immediately stop logging in the Bialowieza
UNESCO's World Heritage Committee's Annual Meeting is taking place in Krakow until the 12th of July. The IUCN reports on UNESCO's response to Poland's decision to increase logging activity in one of the few remaining primeval forests in Europe, Bialowieza.

National Meadow Day
97% of all wildflower hay meadows in England have been lost since 1945. Just a few thousand hectares remain. The charity People Need Nature celebrated National Meadow Day (1st July 2017) by releasing a specially created soundscape evoking the lost Wildflower Meadows of England.
Our catalogue editor's picks from the new books at NHBS

Important arrivals at the warehouse: Important titles catalogued:
In the kit bag this week we have a great range of field stationery, including weatherwriters, clipboards and water proof pens and paper. 
...for natural history, ecology, conservation & other environmental books and equipment
On the blog

A few hours spent whale and dolphin watching is fun for all age groups. Plus, your sightings can really make a difference and will add to the growing body of survey data collected for the UK coastline.

Read our blog for some tips on when and where to watch whales and dolphins, how to get started and where to report your sightings.

New Books at NHBS
Avian Cognition covers a range of topics such as spatial cognition, social learning, tool use, perceptual categorization and concept learning.
This pocket guide will help you identify much of the flora and fauna that you will come across in the Pyrenees.
Dragonflies and Damselflies of Europe contains pictures and photographs of all European species with a stable population, with chapters on their anatomy, biology, behaviour, distribution and flight time.
Equipment Highlight
Echo Meter Touch 2
The Echo Meter Touch 2 is perfect for bat enthusiasts and students and will let you record, listen to and identify bat calls in real-time on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.
Fauna Corner
The authors provide a combination of captivating stories about the species, original Richard Ellis art, and photos from leading natural history photographers. The result is an accessible, beautiful book – Beaked Whales is the first of its kind on this unusual group of cetaceans.
Flora Corner
Fungi of Australia: Inocybaceae provides a major advance in knowledge for this diverse and widespread group, with detailed descriptions, identification keys and phylogenetic trees based on DNA sequences generated during the work. Every species is illustrated with coloured plates and/or line drawings of microscopic features.

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