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International Zoo Yearbook 40: Elephants and Rhinoceroses

Series: International Zoo Yearbooks Volume: 40

531 pages, illustrations

Zoological Society of London

Paperback | Jul 2006 | #238131
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About this book

Contains a section on elephants and rhinos, both on conservation in the wild, and on care in captivity, and a section on the developing zoo world.


- A brief review of the status, distribution and biology of wild Asian elephants Elephas maximus / R. SUKUMAR   1–8
- African elephants Loxodonta africana and human-elephant interactions: implications for conservation / P. C. LEE, M. D. GRAHAM   9–19
- Aspects of the reproductive biology and breeding management of Asian and African elephants Elephas maximus and Loxodonta africana / T. B. HILDEBRANDT, F. GÖRITZ, R. HERMES, C. REID, M. DEHNHARD, J. L. BROWN   20–40
- Behavioural and endocrinological parameters of female African and Asian elephants Loxodonta africana and Elephas maximus in the peripartal period / K. SZDZUY, M. DEHNHARD, G. STRAUSS, K. EULENBERGER, H. HOFER   41–50
- A review of injuries caused by elephants in captivity: an examination of predominant factors / M. GORE, M. HUTCHINS, J. RAY   51–62
- Erratum: A review of injuries caused by elephants in captivity: an examination of predominant factors   62
- Concepts in the care and welfare of captive elephants / J. VEASEY   63–79
- Population management of zoo elephants / R. J. WIESE, K. WILLIS   80–87
- Feeding Asian and African elephants Elephas maximus and Loxodonta africana in captivity / J.-M. HATT, M. CLAUSS   88–95
- An overview of the conservation status of and threats to rhinoceros species in the wild / R. AMIN, K. THOMAS, R. H. EMSLIE, T. J. FOOSE, N. VAN STRIEN   96–117
- An integrated management strategy for the conservation of Eastern black rhinoceros Diceros bicornis michaeli in Kenya / R. AMIN, B. OKITA-OUMA, K. ADCOCK, R. H. EMSLIE, M. MULAMA, P. PEARCE-KELLY   118–129
- A review of the reproductive physiology of rhinoceros species in captivity / T. L. ROTH   130–143
- Operant-conditioning programme for White rhinoceros, Black rhinoceros and Indian or Greater one-horned Asian rhinoceros Ceratotherium simum, Diceros bicornis and Rhinoceros unicornis at Whipsnade Wild Animal Park, Dunstable, UK / M. D. HOLDEN, J. GREGORY, V. WATKINS, L. RADFORD   144–149
- Rhinoceros behaviour: implications for captive management and conservation / M. HUTCHINS, M. D. KREGER   150–173
- Population management of rhinoceros in captivity / T. J. FOOSE, R. J. WIESE   174–196
- The feeding of rhinoceros in captivity / M. CLAUSS, J.-M. HATT   197–209
- The EAZA Rhino Campaign / C. DEAN, C. A. BOS   210–217

- Aquarium design for the Portuguese man-of-war Physalia physalis / J. PIERCE   221–231
- Husbandry and reproduction of Whitetip reef sharks Triaenodon obesus at Steinhart Aquarium, San Francisco / P. SCHALLER   232–240
- Captive-breeding programme for the Kihansi spray toad Nectophrynoides asperginis at the Wildlife Conservation Society, Bronx, New York / S. LEE, K. ZIPPEL, L. RAMOS, J. SEARLE   241–253
- Breeding and hand-rearing Storm's storks Ciconia stormi at the Zoological Society of San Diego / M. MACE, W. RANGER, E. LEWINS, D.-M. ATALLIAN, M. FARLEY   254–260
- Hand-rearing Greater flamingos Phoenicopterus ruber roseus for translocation from WWT Slimbridge to Auckland Zoo / M. BATTY, N. S. JARRETT, N. FORBES, M. J. BROWN, S. STANDLEY, T. RICHARDSON, S. OLIVER, B. IRELAND, K. P. CHALMERS, I. FRASER   261–270
- Reproduction of Bali starlings Leucopsar rothschildi at Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, Jersey / T. M. WILLIAMS, A. T. C. FEISTNER   271–289
- Husbandry and breeding of the Dibbler Parantechinus apicalis at Perth Zoo / C. LAMBERT, H. MILLS   290–301
- Hand-rearing a Potto Perodicticus potto at Franklin Park Zoo, Boston / H. D. BUCKANOFF, C. FREDERICK, H. WESTON MURPHY   302–312
- Chimpanzee Forest exhibit at Chester Zoo / S. WEHNELT, S. BIRD, A. LENIHAN   313–322
- Analysis of factors that affect maternal behaviour and breeding success in great apes in captivity / M. T. ABELLO, M. COLELL   323–340
- Review of the use of herb gardens and medicinal plants in primate exhibits in zoos / D. COUSINS   341–350
- Influence of nutrition on the quality of semen in Jaguars Panthera onca in Brazilian zoos / R. C. RODRIGUES DA PAZ, R. MORATO GONÇALVES, A. C. CARCIOFI, M. A. B. V. GUIMARÃES, C. PESSUTI, E. FERRAZ SANTOS, F. FERREIRA, R. C. BARNABE   351–359
- Reproduction, behaviour and biology of the Giant river otter Pteronura brasiliensis at Cali Zoo / G. CORREDOR LONDOÑO, N. TIGREROS MUÑOZ   360–371
- Developing models for mother–infant behaviour in Black rhinoceros and Reticulated giraffe Diceros bicornis michaeli and Giraffa camelopardalis reticulata at Brookfield Zoo, Illinois / T. V. GREENE, S. P. MANNE, L. M. REITER   372–378

- Zoos and aquariums of the world   381–482
- Index to list of zoos and aquariums of the world   483–495
- Associations   496–499
- International studbooks for rare species of wild animals in captivity   500–516
- Appendix 1: taxonomic authorities consulted in the Yearbook   517–518
- Author index to Volume 40   519–520
- Subject index to Volume 40   521–527
- Instructions for authors   528–531

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